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The Best Mountain Bike Trails for Beginners in the US

Best Bike Trails US Beginners

Guest Contribution By Aric Johnson

Finding the perfect mountain bike trail isn’t tricky; it all comes down to the type of terrain and distance you’re searching for. As a rider, some obstacles you should be aware of include slippery terrain, wet hills, and bridges.

For beginner bikers or those who lack fitness ability, bike trails with too many obstacles could make you exhausted from pedaling. If you are seeking a smooth and buttery route, here are some of the best mountain bike trails in the US that are beginner-friendly.

Best Bike Trails US Beginners

Image: Unsplash/ Matthew Osborn

Best Mountain Bike Trails for Beginners

Every state within the US has a variety of fantastic bike trails perfect for beginners. Before you hit the trails though, make sure to choose the best full suspension mountain bike under 1000. Riding the average commuter bike would not cut it in most of these places!

1.   Chief Ladiga Trail in Alabama

Best Bike Trails US Beginners

Image: Flickr/ Chris Roach (

If you are a fan of cycling and going to the Deep South, some trails will surely meet your expectations. It is suitable for you based on your personal preferences and interests, such as open fields, still waters, pine forests, old-fashioned towns, and many other cool things. There are also opportunities to spot foxes, beavers, gators, and other fascinating wildlife.

If I had to pick a trail, I would go for the Chief Ladiga Trail, an extensive 34-mile trail that offers incredible features like rivers, mountains, and a myriad of wildlife.

2.   Happy Valley Trail in Alaska

Alaska is a highly adventurous location for biking. You could encounter steep trails as well as some eye-catching views.

There is also a chance that you would encounter wild animals. Locals suggest using bear spray during your trip. It’s not as risky as it may sound, but you would surely enjoy this thrilling experience.

Try to spot the lynx, wolves, the moose, and other local wildlife. You could also consider getting the best full suspension mountain bike under 2000, especially if you are serious about biking more in the future.

3.   Kaibab Plateau North Rim Parkway in Arizona

Best Bike Trails US Beginners

Image: Unsplash / Erik Jacobson

Arizona is a popular destination, and if you decide to visit, you have the option of choosing between road and mountain biking. It’s a vast state which offers many bike trails.

My personal preference is the Kaibab Plateau and North Rim Parkway, due to its attraction of having desert and greenery in a single trail. As you bike farther along the trail, the trees diminish and give you the impression that you are in the middle of the desert.

4.   Northwood Hot Spring Trail in Arkansas

This is the best place for bikers and offers a variety of unique choices. You can select between the mountains or plain terrain. You can enjoy biking excursions alongside the rivers, the small towns, or the stunning Ozarks.

Of all the trails, the Northwood Hot Spring Trail is now the top-rated. It’s the first trail to include flows, jump lines, and a variety of cross-country terrains connected to the Cedar Glades trail system.

5.   Bizz Johnson National Recreation Trail in California

Best Bike Trails US Beginners

Image: Flickr/ Rails-to-Trails-Conservancy (

It is impossible to talk about California without including the Bizz Johnson Recreation Trail. This is a 25-mile trail that runs along an unpaved path up to the Susan River Canyon. It has forests as well as tunnels and bridges.

The ideal time to go to this area is in the fall (autumn) when the foliage turns into a beautiful array of rust and orange. The hues that emerge make it look magical and gorgeous.

6.   Government Trail in Aspen, Colorado

Best Bike Trails US Beginners

Image: Flickr/ (

Colorado is considered to be the land of many mountains. The place is suitable for all age groups, from pet lovers to bike enthusiasts.

If you’re beginning to learn or just looking for a tranquil, scenic place, this spot is perfect for you. Pet lovers will appreciate the Aspen Government Trail since dogs are allowed, as long as they remain leashed the entire time. Snowmass Bike Park is also a good pick, since it has lift service.

7.   Connecticut Rockland Preserve

The area is well known for its forest-covered terrain, making the biking experience very exciting. There is a good chance that you’ll see wild animals when you travel along the trails. Thankfully, the animals you encounter aren’t dangerous.

The Rockland Preserve is a paradise for cyclists, comprising a sizeable 650 acres. We highly recommend this spot for the best biking experience. Its trails were built by volunteers and is kept in pristine condition!

Closing Up!

We know that many Americans love their bikes. It can be difficult for people new to the sport to find a trail that is suitable for practicing. If you live near any of the places above, check them out and let me know your experience on the trails! I wish you an unforgettable and memorable experience on your MTB journey.


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Aric is a writer with expertise in biking, cycling, and other adventure sports. He has been writing about bikes and bike technology for over ten years. Aric loves working with people who are passionate about cycling, and his goal is to make sure that everyone is equipped with the best possible gear for riding a bike safely and confidently.