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What Are Gravel Bikes Good For?

What Are Gravel Bikes Good For?

Guest Contribution – By Bernita Fregoso

These days, one of the most popular bikes is gravel bikes because of their performance and durability. One of the best things about the gravel bike is you can ride them on any surface, including tarmac, mud, and most surfaces in between.

If you are looking for something that will offer you more durability than a standard road bike and faster performance than a mountain bike, then you can go for an entry level gravel bike. Are you not still convinced? This article will explain what gravel bikes are good for, and perhaps, you will ultimately be convinced to buy a gravel bike!

What Are Gravel Bikes Good For?

Below are the top 5 reasons to get a gravel bike. These are the aspects of gravel bikes that are plus points:

1. Gravel Bikes Offer Versatility

One of the significant benefits you can get from a gravel bike is that it offers you versatility. And you may be surprised to hear that you can enjoy riding them on almost any surface with comfort, be it merely a road, tarmac or mud, or a mountain trail.

Gravel bikes also enable you to go touring, since most of them often come with plenty of mounts for keeping all of your luggage and trendy accessories.

2. You Can Run This Bike on Almost Every Tire

When it comes to tire options, gravel bikes offer almost endless options since you can ride them on almost every tire without any trouble. On a gravel bike different tire sizes, widths, and tread patterns do not matter at all and do not give much trouble to be fit.

But you may need two different wheelsets to run almost every tire on the gravel bike. Still, it is much more affordable compared to buying a whole new bike for other purposes such as racing, long-distance touring, and mountain biking.

3. Gearing Is Rarely Limited on This Bike

On a gravel bike gearing options are almost endless or rarely limited. These bikes’ gears are able to tackle an entire host of riding disciplines. Bike gearing is a unique option that varies from rider to rider based on their personal preference.

The gear that works perfectly for one rider may not work for the other riders. And that is why when it comes to gearing options gravel bikes provide plenty of choices.

What Are Gravel Bikes Good For?

4. You Can Vary Your Ride Position with This Bike

With the gravel bike, you can vary your ride position by changing the stem.

If you wish to ride it like a road bike, you can stick on a slightly longer riser stem, and if you prefer to ride it like a mountain bike, you can set up a shorter stem.

5. Gravel Bikes are Fun

If someone asks me for the top reason why you should buy a gravel bike, then my answer will be the fun and enjoyment they offer!

With daring designs and new standards, a gravel bike is more fun than a traditional bike.

Why Are Gravel Bikes Pricier?

When it comes to price then gravel bikes are quite pricey. Typically, you would not be able to find a gravel bike less than $1,000 in the market. But do you know this is so?

The straightforward answer is that in a gravel bike, the features and technology equipped come with a high price, making gravel bikes more expensive than other bikes.

With a higher production cost from their versatile features and tech, it results in a higher price for these bikes.

Another factor, obviously, is the popularity of brand names. Manufacturers with higher brand values would tend to price their gravel bike models at a premium.


To sum up, gravel bikes are popular for good reasons. If you are someone who rides on all kinds of roads, including rough terrain, it would definitely be a suitable option to consider. Happy riding!

Image: Pixabay/ TheArkow


Author Bio

Bernita Fregoso is a Mom, Wife, and Fitness Instructor. For the past several years she has worked as a content writer.