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Addmotor FOLDTAN M-160 Step-Through E-Bike Review

Addmotor FOLDTAN M-160 Step-Through E-Bike

Introduction: The Addmotor FOLDTAN M-160

Guest contribution by Sushma

Many people have heard of folding bikes and e-bikes, but did you realize that folding e-bikes are also a thing?

At 100 miles per charge, a preload-adjustable front suspension fork, and step-through frame, the is an efficient folding electric bike that allows you to explore every corner of your town.

The step-through frame helps riders get on and off the bike easily. This design also allows users to wear fashionable clothing that may be at higher risk of tears or damage in normal bikes.

In addition, the foldable frame also offers convenience in that you may choose to take your bike on public transportation, if it is allowed in your city.

So, let us learn more about this electric bike model and understand what makes it an ideal travel companion!

Compelling Features of the Addmotor FOLDTAN M-160

Addmotor FOLDTAN M-160 Step-Through E-Bike

Firstly, this bike offers a U-shaped handlebar that helps riders to sit in an upright position. An upright sitting position enables riders to experience better comfort and control. According to medical experts, slouching while riding a bike may result in back pain or other complications in the long run.

On a related note, the Addmotor FOLDTAN M-160 also comes with an adjustable saddle. Be sure to adjust the saddle to a height that is just right for you – you should be able to bend your elbows slightly while your hands are on the handlebar.

Similar to other Addmotor models, the bike has a 7-level pedal-assist system. This means you could customize the amount of extra power the motor provides to your own pedaling effort. For instance, level “0” (zero) is where you want to pedal on your own without any power from the motor. Level “7” (seven) is where the motor enables you to move at a speed of up to 20 mph (32 km/h) without any pedaling effort of your own.

The M-160 has wide fat tires, which provide grip and stability on the road. Thus riders will be able to handle any terrain type, making it suitable for kids as well as adults.

This electric bike is available in various colors that showcase a touch of elegance. With the five color combinations available, bikers will be able to zip around town in style.

Addmotor FOLDTAN M-160 Step-Through E-Bike


Other Features

#1 Hydraulic Disc Brake with 180mm of Rotors

The bike has hydraulic disc brakes that provide more stopping power to riders. Further, the hydraulic brake has a motor cut-off sensor, which temporarily blocks motor assistance while applying the brake.

#2 Battery Life: Longer Than Your Expectations

The bike comes with a 48V, 20A (960W) built-in lithium-ion battery that allows the rider to travel up to 100 miles. Also, lithium-ion batteries are durable and rated for 1000-1500 charging cycles.

 #3 Power You Have Never Experienced Before

The Addmotor FOLDTAN M-160 has a perfect blend of power and performance. The bike offers a 750W motor and a 7-level pedal assist system to customize the amount of power output you require. The ride is also made smooth with the help of a torque sensor when you use pedal assist.

#4 Experience Preload-Adjustable Front Suspension Fork

This e-bike has a preload-adjustable front suspension fork, which makes riding more efficient. With this suspension fork, the spring and damping system is connected to two telescopic tubes, which reduces bumps and shocks. This would be especially useful on rough or uneven surfaces.

#5 EB 2.0 Integrated Lights Make Your Ride Safe

The M-160 has an EB 2.0 integrated lighting system, which helps you increase your visibility in low light. The headlight provides a brightness of 40 lumens. Meanwhile, the multi-functional taillight shows left and right turns, a flashlight, braking light, and a danger light. Overall, it makes night riding safer by providing the proper signals and visibility.


The Addmotor FOLDTAN M-160 is a worthy recommendation due to the abovementioned features. As one of the new generation of , it helps riders conserve their own energy and get around town efficiently.

From safety to stability to comfort, this bike offers a pleasant riding experience. If you are still in doubt about choosing the perfect electric bike, be sure to try out this model soon!


Images: Addmotor


Author Bio

Sushma is a rider and writer who is passionate about electric bikes and adores discovering the world on two wheels. A heart full of love towards nature leads her to explore more and more about electric bikes as a greener option.