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How to Take Complete Advantage of Your Off-Road Folding Electric Bike [Guest Post]

How to Take Complete Advantage of Your Off-Road Folding Electric Bike

By Samiah Shakeel

Undoubtedly, electric bikes are a treat to ride. And when they have fat, off-road tires and are easily foldable, it’s the icing on the cake. Frankly speaking, electric bikes are not a new concept; they have been around for a while now.

But how often do we see off-road electric bikes with folding capacity? Not frequently. Nonetheless, folding electric bikes with fat tires open a whole new area for you to explore and enjoy. The versatile all-in-one package enables you to reach places that you never planned to go to.

There are many ways you can use your off-road bike to make your lifestyle better and more fun. And some of the amazing ones that allow you to take benefits of its all features are listed in this article.

Take a Folding Electric Bike for Camping Trips

One of the main advantages of a foldable bike is that you can take it anywhere. Not too long ago, it would have been impossible to imagine that you could take your bicycle with you on a camping trip and store it easily. These days, it is not only possible- it is becoming a popular option among many campers.

A foldable bike takes much less space than a conventional one. That means you can fold it and fit it in the trunk of your car. When you reach the camping point, you can take it out after setting up your camp and park it in a corner.

Moreover, it doesn’t matter if your camping ground has muddied, sandy, woody, or rocky surfaces; an off-road bike would allow you to ride anywhere. The electric motor will keep a constant speed on any surface, and the fat tires support your grip on the ground.

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Park/ Store it Anywhere

Apart from camping and farmhouse trips, a foldable bike can be transported anywhere easily; that’s its main advantage, optimum transportability.

Besides being able to fit into your car’s trunk, it can also fit into most other small spaces. Foldable e-bikes may be stored right alongside your car in the garage, or even underneath your bed. If you live in a small apartment, you do not have to worry about it taking much space!

Optimize High-Level Security

Since foldable bikes are compact and easy-to-carry, you could park them right in front of your eyes all the time. If you commute to work on your bike, you can fold it and take it into the office with you and store it under your desk. In comparison, conventional bikes have to be parked at designated spots, usually out of your line of sight, for many hours at a time. The risk of theft means that owners of conventional bikes usually get more pricey, secure bike locksfor peace of mind.

Instead of looking for lamp posts and other structures to chain your bike, a folding bike presents more options while you are outside riding in unfamiliar places.

Similarly, if you live in a small flat, you don’t need to rely on a building watchman for the security of your bike. Just take it home with you, fold it in half, and store it in the corner.

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Ride it for A Therapeutic Off-Road Experience

Having a bad day at the office? Have you been busy lately? Just tired of city life and need a break? Don’t worry; your electric off-road bike can take you to places where you can ignore the urban chaos and enjoy the scenery of the mountains for mental peace.

One great benefit of having an off-road bike is that you can take it to scenic areas easily. If it’s an electric bike, the motor helps you climb uphill inclines without expending any effort, though we would recommend challenging yourself in order to stay fit!

Be a Part of the Community

Nowadays, we all spend lots of time indoors. Since we have all the technologies, we can even get our groceries delivered right to our doorstep and have no physical connection to the outside world. However, that may not be ideal for your mental well-being in the long run.

When you have a foldable off-road electric bike, apart from flexing it, you have a chance to go out there and spend much time as you can with nature and people with the same interests as you.

There are many people who enjoy off-road riding, and since the community is expanding day by day, many bikers organize or participate in competitions. If you do a simple online search, you could find plenty of bike forums. It should not take too much effort to find groups of bikers who organize regular trips in your area!

If you have not already done so, get yourself a cheap electric bike now and join a welcoming community of fellow bikers.

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Bottom Line

It is important to remember that cycling is an obvious health booster. Off-road biking provides you with exposure to the natural environment, which impacts your brain and your mood, and makes you a more positive person.

If your off-road bike is powered by an electric motor, it can increase your cycling time as you alternate between leg power and the motor. Research shows that cycling for longer durations also helps your heart and lungs stay in better condition.

Not to mention, electric foldable bikes do not use fossil fuels, enabling you to play your part in reducing air pollution.

Still not convinced? There is only one way then: ride an electric off-road bike for once; the instant positive change in your mood will surely let you see its benefits.


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