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Changing the Rear Tire on a 3-Speed Bike

Changing the Rear Tire on a 3-Speed Bike

Introduction- Changing the Rear Tire on a 3-Speed Bike

Removing and replacing the rear tire on a 3-speed bike can be more complicated than the front tire due to the gears and chainset. The rear wheel should be removed completely when repairing the tire or inner tube. When replacing a rear tire, be sure to replace it with a wheel of the same inside diameter. The guide below will help explain the process for you, but in a pinch, you can always take the bike wheel to a bike store and pay for a proper replacement.

While 3-speed bikes are known for their ease of use, reliability, and ride quality, without a general understanding of how the three-speed hub works, it can be challenging to replace a flat tire on a 3-speed rear wheel.

Tools you will need:

How to Change the Rear Tire on a 3-Speed Bike

Step One:

After securing your bike on a repair stand, disconnect the cable from the derailleur lever. Remove the chain case if your bike has one.

Step Two:

Using a 10mm wrench, slightly loosen the lock nut on the gear lock cable (located next to the adjuster on the rear of the bike). Unscrew the shift cable adjuster until it disengages the shift chain and goes out of its way.

Step Three:

Disconnect the coaster brake pad. Use a screwdriver to unscrew the mounting screw that secures it. Carefully set the screw aside to avoid losing it.

Step Four:

Using a 15mm wrench, loosen the axle bolts and pull the wheel out of the grooves. It is not important to completely remove these screws, but if you do, carefully set them aside.

Changing the Rear Tire on a 3-Speed Bike

Step Five:

Remove the tire from the tire chamber and wheel rim if it is locked inside. You can check the inside of the tire by carefully running your hand or a rag over the tire to ensure that the object that caused the puncture is not in the tire.

Step Six:

Place a bead of the tire on the rim. Be sure to note all direction indicators for proper rotation.

Step Seven:

Set the rod of the new inner tube through the rim valve hole and install the remaining section of the tire. Pump with a bike pump or CO2 cartridge.

Step Eight:

Set the wheel back in the grooves, position the chain, and tighten the 15mm spindle bolts. Ensure that the chain fits snugly, or else it could fall off while riding.

Step Nine:

Replace the brake mounting bolt on the left side of the bike.

Step Ten:

Replace the derailleur cable by turning the adjuster on the derailleur chain until the 10mm locknut is reached. Tighten the lock nut against the adjuster and test to make sure the bike moves as it should.


The videos below will show you how you could remove the rear wheel on a typical 3-speed bike, and how to change a bike tube, respectively (Credits to Be Dutch! Bicycles and Beachbikes):

Be Dutch! Bicycles


Note: If the wheel has been removed from the bike for a while, it is likely that someone has operated the shift levers. This will impede the derailleur so that when you align the wheel with the lower gear, the wheel won’t go into the frame. Instead, it bumps into the frame.

To solve this problem, operate the shifter as if you were downshifting. This will move the rear derailleur to where it needs to be so that the wheel aligns with the frame and enters easily.


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