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17 Gift Ideas for Mountain Bikers

Gift Ideas for Mountain Bikers

Buying a present is always a challenging task.What sort of gift do you buy for a friend or loved one, and how do you know if they would like it?

If anyone you know at home or work is a mountain biker, you should consider getting them a mountain bike themed gift. This is not to say that you should buy them a new mountain bike or bike helmet, unless you know their specific preferences. There are lots of presents out there that are ‘safe’ choices, and mountain biking fans are sure to love them!

The Best Gift Ideas for Mountain Bikers:


T-shirts are perhaps the most common gifts. There are sizes for men, women, youth and children, and nowadays, there are lots of interesting designs on offer!

Coffee Mugs and Tumblers

These are really practical gifts. Who doesn’t drink coffee, tea and juices at home? And for tumblers, there are always people who need to drink coffee on-the-go.


For active people, backpacks are always important to store all accessories, equipment and water!

Handcrafted Aluminum Mountain Bike

This is not a real bike – just a very realistic, hand-crafted cake topper in the shape of a bicycle. If your best friend’s birthday is coming up soon, why not get this to go with the cake?

Cotton Kitchen Towels

Ah, the ever useful cotton towel for DIY work, or any form of cleaning / polishing. The best part is the beautiful picture printed on it!

Bottle Opener

The kitchen isn’t complete unless you have a bottle opener for beers. How about this one, for the mountain biker?

CO2 Inflator Kit

This bike tire pump has its own carrying case,  which makes for a great gift for mountain bikers!

Decal Stickers

These car decals will mark you or your friend as a pro biker.

Shower Curtain

If you want to be reminded of biking while showering, this is the best item to buy!

Motivational Poster, Wall Art

Everyone needs a little motivation from time to time, and that includes cyclists!

Weather Vane

Well, this is actually a thing – a weather vane for bikers…

“Filthy Biker” Soap

If your loved one is a “filthy biker”, this will make him/ her clean and fresh again!

Cosmetics/ Travel Bag

For female bikers, this is the ideal choice of a makeup/ travel bag.

Eye Mask

Great for frequent travelers who need to catch some sleep on the move!


Caps are nice, especially in the summer weather. You know you want one for yourself!


Almost everyone has a computer at home, so this mousepad is another safe choice.


Key-chains for mountain bikers, an excellent gift idea!

In Summary

As you can see, there are plenty of gifts you could buy for a family member or friend who goes mountain biking. It’s all up to your imagination, and how well you know them. Buying gifts need not be a difficult thing – here’s to more great celebrations and fun!