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Giro Savant Road Bike Helmet Review

Giro Savant Road Bike Helmet Review

Savant is part of the road bikes series from one of the most famous names in the helmet business – Giro. Since 1985, we have seen many cutting-edge mechanics prevalent in their products but this one is a little different. That is because the Giro Savant offers all those specialized benefits at an entry-level price! Keep reading to learn more about its design, structure, advantages, drawbacks and more.


The Giro Savant Road Bike Helmet is made for people who cannot afford a high-end helmet but would like to explore the technical advantages of those products. This will let you go for long road rides on days with scorching sun and still return home with a head of dry hair.

The shell contains plush padding on the interior and thus comfort is not a questionable matter for his helmet. It offers great adjustment of Roc Loco 5 and cool ventilation of Wind Tunnels at a very average price point, thanks to the patented technologies of team Giro.

Features of the Giro Savant Road Bike Helmet

Size, Weight and Design

It is one of the most lightweight bike helmets at the given price point. It can weigh anywhere between 238 to 264 grams based on what size you choose, which can be extra small to extra large. Weights lower than these can be found only in helmets worth twice its cost. This lightness is probably due to the absence of a MIPS liner which itself weighs about 30 grams.

If you want to amaze the spectators with the looks of a helmet, this probably is not the one to go for. That does not mean it has a bad design, but definitely not one that would turn heads either. It looks pretty elementary with front webbing anchors running through the shell made of polycarbonate and EPS. But with the thirteen color combinations currently available (from matte to regular tones), you might still find one to go with your personality.

Other Notable Features

As we expect from any helmet of a renowned company, Giro Savant also has some special features which make it a stand-out compared to its competitions. The most noticeable of them are:

1. Wind Tunnel Ventilation System
In case of ventilation, Savant scores pretty well for us. Even if it is not aerodynamic in design, the trademark ventilation system of Giro called Wind Tunnel included here makes it an eligible competition against aero and semi-aero helmets.

25 of these active medium-sized vents work together to keep the undesirable hot air out of your helmet and maintain cool breeze around you as you go. Thus the right kind of air gets channeled inside and allows you to feel comfortable even in difficult weather.

At a remarkably lower price point than the expensive helmets of Giro, this can offer you an airflow pretty similar to those. Thus this might be a good bet if you are looking for such technology within a tight budget.

2. Roc Loc 5 Retention System

Bike riders used to get in much trouble before 1994 with their helmets clattering throughout the journey. It would ruin the spirit of the ride making uncomfortable noises and thrusts around your head.

Then Giro came up with the Roc Loc fit system which ensures that the user gets all the options he needs to fine-tune his helmet adjustment. It introduced stability for the rider groups and the latest installment in this series has been integrated into the Savant bike helmet.

The Roc Loc 5 system allows you to adjust the fit tension and vertical position with just one hand. All you have to do is rotate the micro dial to manage the horizontal retention and you every twist will be audible to you. With the three-position bracket featuring 15mm of vertical movement, you can nail the required fitting keeping the helmet right on your head.

Besides, there are dual pods which give the back of your brain protection by letting it move comfortably, and strap baskets to keep those belts at the desired position. All these benefits did not let the helmet get any heavier! It still weighs about 40% lighter than its predecessor and other similar systems.

3. In-mold construction

The in-mold construction gets its name from the fact that, here the outer shells and the foam are molded together to promote strength. It utilizes all the space available by filling them up with foam. It also leaves a lot more room for ventilation shafts to be installed on the top.

Due to the molding, the helmet can provide better resistance to external forces and the foam-thickness ensures better impact management.

In Savant, the slim polycarbonate shell fuses with the EPS foam liner and allows better ventilation systems. As a result, this helmet gets to be a lot cooler and lighter compared to traditional helmets while also offering a robust protection against injuries.

Giro Savant Road Bike Helmet Review

The Giro Savant is an affordable, lightweight and tough helmet

4. Great Fit

With 20 years worth of experience, Giro has almost perfected their fitting mechanics. To do so for this helmet, they have gone through the vast data of human scale factors and implemented their three-size Super Fit system in Savant. It is now claimed to fit 98% of the world population! They guarantee that, after you wear the helmet, you will forget about it altogether.

5. Crash Replacement Scheme

Giro has been in this helmet business a long time and as a gesture of their dedication towards their customers’ well-being, it offers crash replacement program to any of its customers who have been involved in some accident with their Giro helmet.

Through this program, you can get your helmet replaced at a reduced price by contacting their customer service team. For this, you need to show them certain documents like proof of purchase, a photo of the said helmet, description of the accident, your contact information and what helmet you want as the substitute.

Alternatively, you can get credit for a new one by sending them the damaged helmet, a copy of your cash receipt or a detailed letter about the incident. This offer stands only in a few countries namely the United Kingdom, Ireland and the USA.


The only major issue with this helmet for users seems to be the strap design. The straps are bulky, thick and hard to adjust properly. They are made of coarse nylon and thus, turn out to be very scratchy and unsettling. A possible solution for it would be to reroute the strap on the back so that it cannot go around the plastic sides.

The design of this helmet seems to be a bit on the bulky side. However, given the price point, we probably cannot argue much about the looks since a more stylish design with all these features would also mean a lot more money. As long as it does the essential job of keeping our head intact, we are good.


Multiple customers thanked this helmet for saving their lives like a superhero. One of them faced a clash from another biker and his head got hit on a concrete road. His helmet cracked in three places, but his head stayed intact and without damage.

Besides the minor problem with tightening mechanism and bulky straps, there seems to be no complaint from users. This helmet was easy to fit for most people. On a hot day of summer with triple digits’ temperature, one user felt comfortable even while wearing the helmet.

The lightness and the cool ventilation system impressed many buyers. A girl who always used to have “helmet hair” due to a wet sweaty head, could now enjoy dry hair even after taking a ride with the Savant. At such a competitive price, it seems to be a suitable helmet for beginners and also intermediate bikers due to the top-tier features.


In case you are having a hasty day and can’t find the time to read the whole review, here are some quick highlights for you:


• Very affordable
• Roc Loc 5 Retention System
• 25 Wind Tunnel ventilation
• Lightweight
• In-mold construction
• Super Fit
• Interior padding
• Crash Replacement Scheme
• High durability


• Slightly scratchy straps
• Bulky design

This helmet can give the average bikers and anyone who is looking to save some money, the opportunity to experience smart features, high quality and comfort at a very reasonable price. From the comments of verified customers, it is evident that the Giro Savant Road Bike Helmet can provide you the guarantee to save your life even in horrible accidents. It might break into pieces, but your brain will always be secure from possible damage.

Finn - March 14, 2018

I actually have one of these helmets but my kids just don’t want to put on their own helmet! So I have no choice but to take them cycling only in ‘safe’ places like the beach where there’s less traffic.

    Ryan, Gear For Venture - March 16, 2018

    Hi Finn, yeah it’s a great helmet, but I can imagine it’s hard to get the kids to wear them. Perhaps you should try letting them choose a helmet they like!

Ian - March 25, 2018

I was able to find good advice from your content.

    Ryan, Gear For Venture - April 5, 2018

    Thanks Ian, hope it was useful for you!

Leroy - April 7, 2018

The Giro helmets seem really popular. The strap may be a bit of a concern, though.

    Ryan, Gear For Venture - May 9, 2018

    Yeah, that’s what some people say.

Horacio - October 25, 2018

Appreciate the recommendation. Will try it out.

    Ryan, Gear For Venture - October 25, 2018

    Sure thing, let us know how you find it!

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