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How to Adjust RockShox Reba Suspension Forks

How to Adjust RockShox Reba

Why do I need to adjust my Suspension Fork?

If riding is causing your spring rate to leave you feeling deflated or that you can’t rebound fast enough, your bike’s suspension may not be set up correctly. While having a correctly tuned suspension makes riding feel great, a poor set up will make every ride a terrible experience.

That’s why it’s a good idea to check and adjust the suspension fork of your bike regularly. And, if you do, you will likely find the RockShox name branded on the legs of the fork. RockShox is one of the most prominent mountain bike suspension brands globally, being the first company to design and engineer suspension forks.

What is the RockShox Reba?

Currently, RockShox manufactures and sells 17 different series of suspension forks. The main differences in series come down to changes in the dampers and spring fixations. Of them, however, the Reba is praised by RockShox itself as being one of the most successful and hard-working suspension forks of all time.

The forks in the Reba series are some of the most pocket-friendly cross-country and lightweight trail riding forks. They are available in travel sizes between 100 and 150 mm. These forks can be affixed to wheels that range in size between 26 and 29 inches and features 32mm aluminum upper tubes.

The Reba RL specifically has an exceptional design across the different suspension forks series offered by RockShox. It utilizes seamless and effective Motion Control damping with a rebound mechanism and Solo Air springs that provide a plush and predictable ride.

While the Reba is a top-of-the-line suspension fork, adjusting it can be confusing if you’re not sure how to do so. Luckily, adjusting this fork is simple and takes very little time.

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Adjusting Your RockShox Reba

While adjusting your RockShox fork is fairly simple, it will require an official RockShox air pump. These air pumps can be found in online stores or through most bike dealers.

  • Determine how much the air pressure of the fork should be by checking the Solar Air Spring Guide located on the fork’s leg. This guide will show the required air pressure for the intended rider’s weight
  • Remove the air-valve cap on the left leg of the fork
  • Screw in the RockShox official air pump to check and fill the suspension fork with air as required by the Solar Air Spring Guide
  • Flip the bike upside-down and remove the air-valve cap on the bottom of the suspension fork’s right leg
  • Screw in the pump once again and fill with air as required by the guide. Replace the cap afterward
  • Open and close the rebound cap on the bottom of the left leg of the suspension fork repeatedly so that the air can distribute evenly
  • Flip the bike right-side-up and replace the air-valve cap on the left leg of the fork
  • Test the bike’s sag by putting both feet on the pedals and putting all of your weight on the bike
  • Repeat the above steps until your bike feels comfortable


Note: The RockShox Reba does not use metal springs but springs that use air-pressure. Therefore, you regularly need to check the air spring’s pressure levels to determine the bike’s firmness, bouncing level, and tension.

For a visual guide of how to adjust your RockShox Reba suspension fork, we recommend this video courtesy of hoohoohoblin.

Wrapping Up – Adjust your Suspension Fork Regularly

Riding your bike should always be a comfortable and enjoyable experience. However, if your suspension is not regularly adjusted, you may lose control while riding and possibly even hurt yourself.

The RockShox Reba suspension fork is relatively simple to adjust to its rider’s weight. Avoid a painful ride by regularly adjusting your suspension fork as needed!