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How to Avoid Helmet Hair (for Guys)

How to Avoid Helmet Hair for Guys

Many of us know that it is important to wear helmets when we ride our bikes. Bike helmets are a safety device designed to protect our heads in the event of an accident. They are also required by law in some countries and states.

However, a consequence of wearing helmets is the discomfort of helmet hair. If you are a regular biker, you would probably have experimented with various hairstyles to see which is least affected when you ride.

While both men and women may face this issue, helmet hair could be more of a problem for male bikers. For one, those with short, spiky hairstyles could easily see their hair becoming messy when riding in windy conditions!

Going for a Suitable Hairstyle

Power Meter vs. Cadence Sensor

It can be quite frustrating having to shave your head or get a new haircut just to ride safely with a helmet on.

It just boils down to how you can best modify your hairstyle to suit your helmet.

You do not have to shave all your hair off to gain the perfect condition for a biking experience. Just a neat trim in the right sections of your hair (avoid the middle area) could do the trick.

If you normally keep long hair, a common method is to gather all your hair backward to form a ponytail, then pull the strands into the helmet holes.

But if you keep relatively short hairstyles, then cutting off longer or protruding hairs, or tucking them in, should suffice.

It is recommended you avoid or minimize a haircut that involves lots of gel or spiky parts.

Using an Apt Helmet

Here are some factors to consider when deciding on the right helmet for your hair. This includes knowing your head shape and sizes, as well as ensuring the pressure points are just right.

Guys who usually have issues with helmet hair tend to go for modular helmets because they allow more flexibility compared to regular helmets. While this type of helmet provides full-face protection, you also get to use it as an open face helmet.

It enables you to pull the two sides apart to extend the opening size of the helmet hole.


Helmet hair is one common issue that discourages riders from using helmets while riding a bike. It gives you a funny look after taking off your helmet, and you wouldn’t want to display an untidy first impression at every destination you reach.

Hopefully, this brief article has given you some fresh ideas on how to avoid the typical helmet hair!


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