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How To Choose E-Trikes For Adults And Seniors

How To Choose E-Trikes For Adults And Seniors

Guest Contribution by Robert Farnum

Something which just started as a fitness craze among fitness enthusiasts is now raging among all age groups. With numerous advantages like comfort, stability, and healthier alternatives to bikes, e titles are gaining popularity among adults and seniors. This blog will discuss the advantages of e-trikes for seniors and where you can purchase them.

What Exactly Is An Electric Tricycle?

An electric tricycle is a three-wheel trike powered by an electric source. The additional wheel makes the balancing easier and provides comfort to the rider. Apart from added wheels, a three-wheel electric tricycle for adults is driven by a powerful motor, making traveling at off-roads much easier. The absence will make off-road climbing difficult as using leg power alone is quite challenging. Additional storage makes them an ideal choice for seniors and adults. This way, you can enjoy a less exhausting experience than other tricycles or bikes.

While buying e-trikes, you may be confused about what you should look for in your trike. Electric trikes are of three types: pedal-assist, full-throttle, and one-on-mode. In pedal-assist mode, the motor only supports when you pedal, and in full-throttle mode, you do not need to pedal. But in the one-on-one mode, you have switching options. You can switch to whatever you feel like. Read on to discover further.

Apart from selecting your electric tricycles, many people are concerned about the fact as to how they will feel while riding a tricycle. Electric trikes offer the most natural, effortless transportation powered via electric assistance. It is like riding any other bicycle but with a little more comfort. You won’t be pushed or pulled back by the motor forcefully; you have all the control.

How To Choose E-Trikes For Adults And Seniors

When Choosing An E-trike, What Should I Consider?

Although electric trikes for seniors have got tons of benefits, if you do not choose the right one for yourself, you may not be able to enjoy the ride. Also, it is a little expensive to purchase, so it’s better to dig into specific criteria before purchasing one. So let’s have a look at them.

#Storage Space

Before purchasing the best e-trike for adults, look into your lifestyle closely. Figure out what you are going to do with your tricycle. Where do you want to take it for your daily commuting, or do you want to take your trike for your early morning ride? Where do you want to pedal or want regular moping mode? Asking these questions to yourself will make things much easier for you.

With certain things in your mind, it will be clear whether or not you want storage options in your tricycle. Storage options in tricycles make it easier for everyday commuting as you can easily store your belongings.


The motor plays a significant role in distinguishing trikes. There are different kinds of motors available which you can choose according to your requirements. Generally, a motor with 250-watt power is sufficient for any introductory ride and will support your trike life for a more extended period. However, if you are a sportsperson, you can look for higher-power motors.


Different batteries offer different coverage. Some may last up to 32 kilometers (20 miles) on a single charge, while some boast of a whopping 72 km (44 miles). Generally, the best e-trikes for adults and seniors would fall within this range. You can also increase your battery life by switching modes.

Addmotor M-360 Review

How to choose Etrike Addmotor

If you are looking for the best e-trike for adults and seniors, the Addmotor M-360 e-trike is the perfect option. Here are the pros and cons:


. The electric trike boasts a power of 750 watts.

. Speed ranges from 8-20 Mph (13-32 km/h)

. Battery lasts for approximately 85+ miles per charge

. Adjustable armrest to fit different heights


. Limited seating is undoubtedly a drawback of this model. But its payload capacity can reach 350lbs+100lbs as its seat is thick and made from premium materials.


Electric trikes for adults are a blooming option as they offer more stability and influence healthy habits. They are great for the environment and help boost our health too.

Images: Addmotor

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