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How to Make a Beach Cruiser Faster

How to make a beach cruiser faster

Do you own a beach cruiser and wish to optimize its performance? In this article, we will discuss simple ways in which you can make your beach bike go faster – and get more out of your ride.


Although beach cruisers first gained prominence in the United States, their popularity has since spread across the globe. This niche bike is famously known for its casual speed and easy ride, unlike the more performance-oriented road and hybrid bikes.

Even in multi-speed versions, a beach cruiser is unlikely to reach the high speeds of other types of bikes. That being said, the heavier weight and slower speed of a cruiser is intentional, and a result of its added functionalities. The sturdier construction helps you balance and feel more comfortable while you ride.

What is a Beach Cruiser?

A beach cruiser is a bike that has a balloon tire fitted to its large frame. That frame comes in a straightforward steel construction, and its seat is commonly upright and firm. Although the cruiser mostly comes in a single-speed, more modern designs offer multiple-speeds and other added features.

How to Make a Beach Cruiser Faster

How to Make a Beach Cruiser Faster?

Improving the performance of beach cruisers is not an easy task, especially if you are a first-time owner. Here are some easy steps to get started optimizing your bike:

Seat Position

Ensure the ideal position of your seat in relation to your height. A high but comfortable seat height will make your pedaling strokes more natural and effective, increasing your efficiency on the cruiser.

Inflate the Tube

Tire inflation is critical to your bike’s performance. Although the average pressure of cruiser bikes range between 30-40 pounds per square inch (PSI), you should also factor in your body weight to ensure an even pressure when riding.

To find the required pressure that matches your weight, read the manufacturer’s manual that should accompany the bike. Each make and model may be different. You can always use a digital tire pressure reader to check your pressure level. Make sure the tube is secure and not leaking – if it is, patch it or replace it.

Check for Brake Alignment

Proper alignment of your brakes is necessary for a faster ride. If they are out of alignment, they can rub against your bike wheels, causing increased friction and slowing down your bike.

Use a Multi-speed Beach Cruiser

When shopping for a new bike, you should opt for a multiple-speed rather than a single-speed. Unless you prefer a slower, traditional cruiser, you will get much more out of your multi-speed.

The multi-speed cruiser is faster and can overcome road challenges that the single-speed cannot, due to the ability to switch gears while riding different slopes. Multi-speed cruisers typically offer 3, 7, or 10 speeds, so find whichever fits the needs of your neighborhood.

Use an Electric Cruiser

Consider buying an electric bike cruiser. This motorized beach bike is an ideal choice for those who find it difficult to pedal faster. With an electric cruiser bike, you can achieve speeds of up to 25 miles per hour and save yourself some energy on hills.

However, take note that local restrictions may apply – some cities and states require registration, while others may outlaw riding them on footpaths and certain public areas.

Exercise Proper Maintenance

Adhering to proper maintenance is also a good way to make your bike faster. This is simple to achieve and incorporate into your riding routine. Any time you finish riding, ensure to clean your bike by removing any dirt or debris. Pay special attention to your bike chain and pedal since they mostly determine the efficiency of your bike speed.

After you have cleaned your bike, you should lubricate the chain and gears to prevent any friction and rusting. Also, keep it away from water, salt or anything that can damage the metal. This includes road salt stored in a garage, or any pipes or hoses.

Final Verdict

Beach cruisers were originally designed for recreational use, and as such have a reputation for being slow. However, there are a number of ways to enhance their speed and performance. Just remember that regardless of how well you optimize your cruiser, they are still intended for stability and comfort – not sprinting down a trail. So enjoy the ride and get some fresh air, but maybe don’t challenge anyone to a race just yet.


Featured image source: Pixabay/ StockSnap