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How To Paint A Chrome Bike [Guest Infographics]

How To Paint A Chrome Bike

By Halona Kasa

Chrome stands for chromium, which is a naturally occurring element. As a pure substance, chromium has limited use – you may find it in supplements since small amounts of it are necessary for human health.

More commonly, chromium is used in manufacturing industries. It may be mixed with steel to form a strong, non-corroding alloy. It could also be used to make bricks, cast iron, or chromium salts for electroplating.

If your bike frame has been plated with chromium or an alloy that contains it, read on to see how you could paint it!

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How To Paint A Chrome Bike?

Painting a bike with chrome plating is not an easy task; it is very important that you know about chrome plating. Compared to other types of plating, such as aluminum and brass, chrome plating tends to look brighter and is more reflective. It may also carry a more bluish tint.

The following infographics shows you an overview of how you can get started with painting your chrome bike:

How To Paint A Chrome Bike

Here are the steps to paint a chrome bike.

Step 1:

Wash the layer with soapy, warm water. Use a different cloth for washing and drying.

Step 2:

Wear a pair of safety goggles and a dust mask to avoid inhaling chrome dust. Try to get rid of all pits, as they could ruin your paintwork.

Try to remove pits using 60-grit sandpaper. Next, use 320-grit sandpaper to finish up.

Step 3:

Wipe down the bike with a clean rag and water. Make sure to clean the rag multiple times as you remove the dust. Replace water if it gets dirty.

Step 4:

Cover your working area with newspapers to protect it from damage.

Step 5:

Apply a coat of primer. If using a spray can, frequently shake the container and spray from a distance of at least one foot. Make sure to extend your coating area past the edges to get the best finishing.

If using a brush, it is best to apply a light coat and let it dry for a day, then apply another coat over it.

Allow your primer to dry overnight unless stated otherwise by the manufacturer.

Step 6:

Use acrylic or latex metal paint to start painting your bike. If you use spray paint, keep to a steady motion of side to side or up and down. If you are using a paintbrush, look out for dripping and excess paint. Paint using up-and-down or side-to-side strokes.

Step 7:

Leave to dry as prescribed by the paint’s manufacturer. If you see any bumps due to dripping, use grit paper to remove them.

Step 8:

After 2-3 days, use a fine rubbing compound to obtain a flat and smooth finish. Apply the compound with wax to get a nicer shine.

How To Paint A Chrome Bike

Image: Pixabay/ manfredrichter


Painting your chrome bike could help you give it a brand new look or restore its original beauty! Just make sure to wear safety goggles and a dust mask while cleaning it, and ask for help if you are unsure.

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