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How to Select a Flashlight for Camping

How to Select a Flashlight for Camping

Introduction – How to Select a Flashlight for Camping

Guest Contribution by Victor Nicholson

A flashlight is arguably the most well-used of all camping tools. Even if you have a recreational vehicle (RV) to use for your camping, you could still use a good flashlight, as you never know when your light bulbs would fuse or when you would run out of power.

This handy device is useful for a late-night walk to the restroom or getting your coffee ready before the first light in the morning. Many people now know the significance of flashlights, and are already adding it to their camping essentials toolkit.

How Do You Choose a Flashlight for Camping?

If you go camping often, you must be wondering what to look out for when choosing a flashlight for this purpose. Here are some features to consider.

How to Select a Flashlight for Camping

Flashlight Dimensions

One of the features to check is the dimensions, including size and weight. Those who love hiking or bikepacking would be more concerned about excessively heavy and bulky flashlights.

There are a plethora of camping flashlights out there with incredible output, which are still reasonably lightweight. Make sure that your flashlight is portable if you wish to go hiking!


It is no secret that good battery life is a major plus point for all battery-powered objects. Some flashlights run on durable lithium-ion batteries. Consider getting flashlights which use rechargeable batteries, since they would be more cost-effective in the long run, and also gives you the option of going on longer camping trips.


Regarding luminosity, you would want a flashlight to be rated between 100-1,000 lumens (lm) in brightness. Still, the recommended luminosity for a trade-off between durability and performance is about 300 lm. Many models, including Ledlenser’s flashlights, offer you a range of brightness levels depending on your required usage.

A medium brightness level of 300 lm is sufficient for nighttime walks, looking up things in your tent or RV, or making coffee while the sky is still dark.


Until science can find a way around weather, ensuring that your camping flashlight is highly rated for water splash and rain is very important.

Make sure that your flashlight is waterproof, and it should withstand the weather elements.


Nobody wants to buy a flashlight often, so finding a durable one is important. It should also be easy to maintain, and must not break after dropping.


Flashlights vary in price and quality. However, it is generally true that the higher the price, the better the quality you get. If you are on a tight budget, ensure that the flashlight you get is at least waterproof, allows you to use rechargeable batteries, and provides the required level of luminosity.

Uses of a Camping Flashlight

A flashlight is a small yet essential item. Its importance is so immense that the convenience and safety of your camping trip might be threatened without it.

Besides using it to look for objects or walk in the dark, here are some other uses of camping flashlights that you may not have realized.

Emergency Tool

No matter how well-equipped your campsite is, there might still be some emergency situations warranting its use. These include power outages, sudden disturbances, lost items, and many more.

Reading and General Lighting

Campsites vary in facilities. A top-quality flashlight will come in handy when you find yourself camping in the middle of nowhere, particularly when the sun is down. Some people love reading a book at bedtime, so a flashlight would definitely be useful.


It may come as a surprise that the flashlight could actually be a good weapon for self-defense. If you notice an intruder at your campsite, shining a bright beam in their direction could distract them and buy a little time for you to get away or get help.

Types of Flashlights Available

Here are some of the main types of flashlights available:

Outdoor Flashlights

These are flashlights specifically designed for purposes such as camping, hiking, fishing, and hunting. Their luminosity is at the recommended levels for such activities.

Pro Flashlights

These smart and powerful flashlights offer as high as 4500 lumens of quality light output. This is nothing like what you have in regular outdoor flashlights.

Pro flashlights ensure that you don’t have to worry about darkness when strong illumination is necessary.

Special Collections

Special collections refer to special, limited edition flashlights made for very small groups of users. These include engravable and multicolor flashlights. Those who buy such flashlights may like to display their name or brands they are loyal to. They could also be using multicolor flashlights for parties or events.

Their luminosity is generally not as high as pro or outdoor flashlights,  but they still provide a decent output for most functions.


There are many flashlights in the market today, so if you are getting one for camping, make sure it fits your requirements and budget!

Images: Unsplash/ Andreas Dress and Matteo Alberghini

Author Bio

Victor Nicholson is an outdoor enthusiast, camper, fisherman, and hunter. With 20 years of experience exploring great Australian landscapes and nature, he has honed his ability in evaluating and recommending the right equipment for various outdoor activities.