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How to Service Look S Track Pedals

How to service Look S track pedals

Have you ever had to service your pedals? If you’re a cycling enthusiast but your answer is “no”, don’t feel so safe. You will have to, someday. And, as it may have occurred to you, there are many ways to service pedals, just as there are many pedals in the market. So, if you’re using Look S Track pedals, this article will come in handy.

What are Look S Track Pedals?

At a price of over US$70, Look S Track pedals come across as an out of standard option. If you are looking to try something different from the MTB pedals you are used to, they are a very good choice.

Other components are also available for you to adapt, improve, and add as much comfort and performance as you aim to get.

But even though it is important, money is not the only reason why we decide on what piece of gear to get. Look S Track pedals provide an in-range weight of 299g a pair, and have a good stack height and float. Their S-shaped form provides protection from rocks or obstacles that may damage the bars or any piece of material.

With regards to their cleats, they are also adjustable for you to feel as comfortable as possible. Thanks to the simple guide that comes along, you’ll find them quite simple to engage.  Their cutout follows the Dynamic Cleat System (DCS) Look features, which prevents mud or any other debris you may pick up from the ground from clogging up the pedal.

How to Service Look S Track Pedals

Look S Track pedals shout out for service when, as you tap them, they spin freely. This means that they’re running out of grease on the inside. Even though performance may not be affected, this is of high importance as it may affect their useful life. In other words, the more attention you pay to servicing your pedals, the longer they will last.

Take a look at this video about servicing Look S Track Pedals (credits to Global Cycling Network):

To service Look S Track pedals, you first need to remove them. Once this is done, you’ll see that both pedals come with a lockring.

An important thing to bear in mind is that Look S Track left and right pedals are different regarding this lockring. While you can unscrew the left lockring with a standard tool, you’ll need a special Look tool to unscrew the right one.

Once taken apart, we’re left with three more steps: cleaning, greasing and reassembling. Cleaning must be done as thoroughly as possible. You can do this with any kind of solvent and a rag. Be sure to clean both the axle and the inside of the pedal, so that you remove any remains of old grease and dirt.

Greasing is simply done by filling the inside of the pedal. The other parts will get greased up when reassembling it. As you perform this last step, pay special attention not to over-torque, since plastic parts can be damaged, and result in an expense you were not taking into mind.