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How to Tie Down A Bicycle in a Truck Bed

How to Tie Down A Bicycle in a Truck Bed

How to Tie Down A Bicycle in a Truck Bed- Introduction

One of the most common methods of transporting bicycles is to have them in the back of a pickup truck. But how does one secure the bike in the bed of the truck without it bouncing around and causing damage to the bike? In this write-up, we’ll explore a few methods to ensure that your bike stays tight and secure in your truck bed when you transport it.


There are different ways you can secure your bike to the bed of your truck using just materials you have lying around the house. The method discussed here makes use of straps that can be found easily at any store, and the hooks in the bed of the truck. The straps can be replaced with a good length of strong rope. This video shows how you could tie down a bike using simple straps (Credit to Lockstraps Inc.):

First, remove the seats. Although not necessary, this will make for the best fit. Once the seat is removed, place the bike upside down in the truck bed with the handlebars facing towards the rear of the truck. The next step will be to secure the rear part of the bike frame to the front hooks on the bed. You then loop the strap around to secure the front of the bike to the hooks at the back. The excess strap is then used to tie up the wheel to prevent it from spinning. If done correctly, you would be all set for transport.

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Fork Mounted Bed Racks

These bed racks work by securing the front fork of your bicycle to the bed of the truck. You will need to take off the front tire of the bicycle to use these types of bed racks. One major benefit is that it helps secure your bikes against theft because of its unique design. On the flip side, you won’t be able to unload your bike and start riding immediately as it takes some time to unmount and re-connect.

Roll-on Mounts

These mounts only require you to roll your bike’s front tire into the mount and then secure it. It is one of the easiest methods of keeping your bike securely attached to your truck bed. The downside is its bulk which takes up storage room both in your truck bed and in your garage when you take it off your truck.

Side Clamp Mounts

These mounts are installed into the side rails of your truck bed to secure your bike. This mount is also very easy and fast to use, allowing you to secure your bike without climbing into the truck bed. Some side clamp mounts allow you to use a D-lock, giving you greater security in case you have to leave your truck and bike for a while. This clamp, however, limits the carrying capacity of your truck to just two bicycles as you have only two side rails on the bed of your truck.

How to Tie Down A Bicycle in a Truck Bed

How to Tie Down a Bicycle in a Truck Bed- Choosing a Method

Whichever method you choose to secure your bike, the most important thing is that it is held down tightly and securely. Other factors that will help you make a decision are cost, security, and use of space.