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Most Striking Cycling Jerseys for Women

Most Striking Cycling Jerseys for Women

Last time we did a post on the most striking cycling jerseys for men, so today we’ll round up the most striking cycling jerseys for women.

As we all know, staying visible on the roads and biking trails is very important, and wearing bright clothing is one way to warn others that we’re around. Instead of wearing the same plain-colored jerseys each time, how about mixing it up and getting some of these unique designs?

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Striking Jerseys for Biking – Women’s Jerseys

BIYINGEE Sweat Wicking Cycling Jerseys

Mostly white with dashes of pink, flowers and the silhouette of a female cyclist, what more feminine attire could you possibly get? This jersey even comes with a few back pockets for storage!

Motivational “We Can Do It” Jersey

This sleeveless motivational jersey instantly catches the eye – a giant illustration of a woman flexing her arm greets you. It’s elastic and form-fitting, proving to be a stylish choice!

BIYINGEE Pink Short Sleeve Jersey

Now this is a great buy for those who love hot pink! The entire jersey is in vibrant pink, with just a few squarish splashes of white and yellow on the front for added images of a mountain bike.

Life is A Beautiful Ride Cycling Jersey

Is life a beautiful ride? I would say so, and so does this jersey. I like how the bicycle is in classic blue color, in line with the overall design.

Uriah Cat Cycling Jersey

Do you love cats? An elegant lady cat greets you on this one! Get if for your partner if she’s a cat lover!

Keep Calm and Carry On Short Sleeve Jersey

I know, I know, “Keep Calm and Carry On” has become an overused tagline by now. But who says there aren’t people who still appreciate it? And the color contrast on this jersey is just too striking to ignore; the sharp yellow will stand out even on the darkest night!

Cookie Monster Cycling Jersey

For all you fans of Sesame Street, here’s something to cheer about! Whether you’re a kid or a grown-up (AKA Big Kid), I’m sure you would find Cookie Monster to be an endearing character!

QinYing Floral Print Jersey

This floral print jersey is a little simple and understated. Which is why you should get it if that’s your style! This is for those who can’t live without black colored clothing, but still want little bits of flowers.

Lemon Pink Short Sleeve Jersey

If you love nature and fruits, this jersey is meant for you. It’s available in a set with shorts, and the design is similar from top to bottom. Otherwise, you may get just the jersey top.

Aogda Mountain Bikers Jersey

Another yellow jersey, but this time with an illustration of a biker going downhill. There’s a choice of other colors, but I think yellow works best for this design.

Wosawe Women’s Patterned Jersey

Beautiful patterns, similar to embroidery. This is definitely not your run-of-the-mill jersey design!

Prettyia Skeleton Print Sleeveless Cycling Vest

Skeleton prints isn’t exactly something you’d think of when coming up with a striking color. But this sleeveless vest has somehow managed to make it work!

BXIO Triangles Cycling Jersey

Geometric shapes – reminds you of Math class! These triangles are in all sorts of colors against a white background, providing high visibility. You get to choose between the “Shirt and Shorts”, or “Shirt and Bib Short” sets.

Cycobyco Yellow-Green Reflective Jersey

Our only green jersey on the list, but by no means less impressive. The bright green color with dark green spots makes it look like a plant, but the rainbow colors at the bottom adds a touch of uniqueness. As the cutting is smaller than US size, just make sure to buy one size larger than what you usually wear!



If you’re a female mountain biker or cycling commuter, there are plenty of choices for unique cycling jerseys! It’s easy to look fashionable even when doing outdoor sports or biking to work. If you liked this, please leave a comment and let us know how you achieve both comfort and fashion when doing outdoor activities!