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Mountain Bike Helmet Brands

Mountain Bike Helmet Brands

Popular and Famous Mountain Bike Helmet Brands

Mountain biking is an adrenaline-filled sport. The different terrains, hills and obstacles make the sport challenging, yet fun. It’s a complete thrill.

With great fun comes responsibility. You must wear all the necessary protective gear, and you need to familiarize yourself with all the mountain biking brands that offer the best safety.

If you don’t know who these brands are, don’t worry. This article introduces you to the best brands of mountain bike helmets. It also highlights the best features of their mountain biking helmets.

If you need a helmet, you can choose from any of these brands; they’re sure to serve you well.

Ideally you should compare these features:

• The helmet’s fit
• The weight
• The construction technology
• Safety and MIPS technology
• Ventilation system
• Padding and comfort
• The helmet categories

The one which has the most impressive features in the areas most in line with your requirements is the perfect buy for you.


Jim Gentes founded Giro in May 1987, which is when the brand’s strong history began. In the same year, the first helmet was created named the “Advantaged.” Every couple of years, the brand either introduces a new product line or an advanced feature, the latest being the Avance MIPS. This new design redirects energy through a feature called MIPS Spherical.

Giro’s mountain bike helmets also present these revolutionary features. Some of the ranges consist of:

• Isode
• Fixture
• Fixture MIPS
• Compound
• Compound MIPS
• Hex

The helmets can be constructed in one of two ways:
• By using in-mold technology
• Polyurethane made

Both processes guarantee hardened shells which won’t easily crack under pressure. The helmets are generally comfortable to wear because the linings are either ABS or EPS. Both materials also play a part in protecting your head. They absorb any shocks felt during a crash.

Giro’s mountain biking helmets are classified as “All mountain.” They offer the greatest security when riding in unfamiliar mountain conditions.

Kali Protectives

Kali Protectives is a fairly new brand that quickly established itself in the industry. It was officially launched in 2008 with a notion of engineering a solution to eliminate the secondary impact that occurs with a traditional helmet construction.

There are three helmets that are popular for mountain biking:
• The Interceptor
• The Interceptor BCRB edition
• Maya

The Interceptor and its advanced edition have Nano fusion and low-density layer technology constructions. There are 24 air holes built around the helmet. Kali Protectives named their unique ventilation design “supervents.” As you can imagine, the ventilation system is truly effective.

Both shells are PC made and have under wrap EPS foam layers. The inner shell is fitted with anti-microbial pads.
The last helmet range Maya has a slightly different approach in its design. Firstly, the technological process used to make the helmet is composite fusion plus. The materials used to manufacture the helmet are also PC and EPS foam.
There are only 12 vents in the helmet. They’re medium sized, which is still effective in creating cooling air circulation.

The Interceptor collections are perfect to use for
• Recreational riding
• Cross country
• Mountain trails
• Enduro

The Maya is better suited for mountain trails and enduro. It can be used for recreational and cross country activities but the purpose of the helmet won’t be fulfilled.

These helmets are ideal for men and women.


Schwinn has been in existence for over 100 years. It all started in 1896, and from there, the company has shaped, altered and perfected bikes and helmets. The company’s bike was the first to go over 60mph. It may not be impressive to you, but in 1899 it was record breaking.

From there, Schwinn has continuously tried to introduce new products into the market that all end users will enjoy.
The Schwinn mountain bike helmet range is no exception. The company has three mountain bike helmet collections:
• Breeze
• Flash
• Beam

All three collections offer:
• 360°comfort dial fit system. The system provides 100% adjustability and a secure fit for all head sizes
• The helmet has a full coverage shell. The back of your head and the top of your forehead is covered. These areas can be sensitive upon injury
• There are close to 20 vents (the number varies with each product). These vents guarantee your head is cool in all the places that would get hot when you mountain bike for hours.

The helmets are best for all mountain biking activities including up and downhill trails.

Troy Lee Designs

Some professionals wear Troy Lee designs when they mountain bike. 30 years ago, the company started as the go-to place to customize helmets. Since then, Troy Lee expanded and produced its own line of helmets. It also offers protective clothing.

Through the years, the company learned what features offer the greatest amount of protection. With that knowledge, the company specializes in the manufacturing of motorbike and bicycle helmets.

The mountain bike helmets are either in an A1 or A2 collection. Both collections show signs of a high quality and durable helmets that will protect your head if you crash.

The inner shell also has a protective foam layer which doubles as a material to keep your head comfortable when you mountain bike.

As always, the helmets under each collection have air vents. The cooling circulation you feel on your head helps you to keep cool when you mountain bike in the hot sun.

The helmets under both collections are made to give full coverage. A full-coverage helmet offers the greatest amount of protection.

The helmets are best used as ordinary mountain biking products.


Each brand shows concern for their end user’s safety. This drives them to make helmets with the best materials and incorporate features that boost the rider’s safety. Ensure you, your partner or your children are guaranteed safe biking from now on. Which brand will you choose?