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MTB Tights Under Shorts

MTB Tights Under Shorts

Cycling is one of the few sports that don’t require a special uniform or outfit to put into practice. There are no rules or regulations, so you can wear whatever suits you and makes you feel comfortable while cycling. However, as you become more professional, you’ll notice that some outfits are more comfortable and may even boost your performance. Cycling shorts and tights, for example, are a great example of this.

Can You Wear MTB Tights Under Cycling Shorts?

As we mentioned before, cycling does not require or restrict any outfit. So, you can wear tights under cycling shorts if you are comfortable with them. Of course, there are some particular situations in which wearing tights under cycling shorts can be a good idea.

  • Padded tights protect against long periods of cycling. Your bottom, groin, and thighs may get sore after riding for a long time, and tights help protect those parts of your body.
  • Cold weather can become quite a nuisance when cycling. Especially during the first moments of your ride, cold weather makes it difficult to start pedaling. Fortunately enough, tights provide warmth to your muscles involved as you cycle.
  • Sweat can cause your skin to get sore, mostly during long and extreme rides. Wearing tights under your cycling shorts can prevent your skin from touching other objects while moist with sweat.

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Cycling Shorts Over Tights – Situations Where They May Be Redundant

Sometimes, wearing cycling shorts over tights can become a bit of a redundant decision. This is because most cycling shorts already come with the requirements to avoid the issues listed above. For example, finding padded cycling shorts at your local bike store is not very strange. These are specially designed for long or bumpy rides, which can cause your bottom to be sore.

For bib shorts, it would also be impractical to wear them over tights – some cyclists wear tights over bib shorts instead, when riding in cold weather.

Be aware that wearing excessive clothing can become too hot and annoying. Weather should also not be a problem while wearing cycling shorts, so at this point, wearing tights may be a bit too much for a cyclist.

And, while you can always make a stop on a non-competitive ride, this can interrupt your momentum, and getting back on your ride after changing clothes can be a bit uncomfortable.

As for sweat, cycling shorts are usually tight enough to prevent sweat from becoming a problem. These shorts are specially designed to restrain your skin from directly touching other objects, such as your ride.

Some people, though, prefer wearing tights instead of cycling shorts. Whether that is due to cost or preference, tights can become a good idea if you usually cycle wearing regular shorts. Remember that regular shorts aren’t specially designed for cycling, so they won’t be as tight or warm as you need them to be to cycle.

Final Comments – Shorts Over Cycling Tights

Cycling shorts and tights can be a good combination or become redundant and even a problem depending on your criteria. Remember that cycling is a sport you can do without any outfit restrictions, so your clothes should follow your preferences and circumstances.

Featured Image: Unsplash/ Martin Magnemyr