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Workout Shorts for Guys with Skinny Legs [Guest Post]

Workout Shorts for Guys with Skinny Legs

By James Wilson

Summer season is just around the corner, and everyone is feeling sweaty just by the thought of it. Most people love to stay cozy while working out, so they wear trousers and tights to keep their legs warm.

However, as the summer arrives, everyone tries to get away from the coziness and look for ways they can get relief.

Some people say you need to have a certain sense of style and confidence to pull off shorts, but that’s just the opinion of some in the fitness industry.

Many fashion gurus assert that you don’t have to have a certain type of body to pull off shorts; you need to know what kind of shorts will suit your body.

At the end of the day, shorts come in a variety of designs for various body types. Hence, we will take the advice of designers and see how you can pull off shorts even if you have missed out on leg day!

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Types of Workout Shorts for Guys With Skinny Legs

Before we jump into styles, it is very important to know about the various kinds of shorts that are available. Additionally, you must also know what kind of body you have.

When it comes to workout shorts, you will see a lot of options, but you need to keep in mind that this is not a casual look. Workout shorts are meant for public appearance, so try to look as modest as possible.

Some athletes wear tights under their shorts for the sake of modesty, as wardrobe malfunctions can be quite common when working out at the gym. The alternative is to make sure you have proper measurements and only select clothing that suits you.

In this article, we have listed down a few things that can help you with figuring out the right fit. Unlike skinny jeans, you want your shorts to fit nicely but not too tight– they should provide you some room for adjustment or movement.

The Right Fit For Your Body

Fit is not all about height. Most people simply measure the length and think this will fit them right. This is a very frequent mistake; the perfect pair of shorts needs your length, inseam length, leg width as well as upper body width or waist measurement.

When buying shorts, make sure you try them on and see where they fall when you stand. As a general observation, your shorts should touch you right above your knee or right below your kneecap, depending on the style you prefer.


Workout Shorts for Guys with Skinny Legs

The Right Measurements

There are a few important measurements that we generally miss.

One of them is the inseam length. Often times, people get shorts that fit them well like a glove, yet they feel it’s too tight when they sit.

For most men, inseam usually starts from 10 inches (25 cm) and above. If your build is a little chunky, you should get something with a long inseam; this will give an illusion of length and will appear tall.

Why Do Some People Like Shorts That Fall Above the Knee?

Shorts that fall just above the knee are quite popular, but some consider it immodest for workouts.

If this length is your preferred style, you should get something that is about 9-10 inches (23-25 cm). Even if you are tall or have thin legs, shorts of this length are still suitable. It also feels more ‘free’ compared to other options.

Shorts for Short, Thin Guys

If you are not the “ripped” type and want something that can make you look less skinny, you can try by getting something that is even shorter. Your inseam will range from 7-9 inches (18-23 cm), and it will fall a few inches above the knee. This works perfectly well for people who have athletic bodies or who are slim. No matter how skinny you look, this will fit you perfectly.

If you are very short and slim, you can pull the inseam a little more. Try for something that has a 5–7-inch (12.5-18 cm) inseam and falls below your hip. This will be in the middle of the knee and hip, so your fit will be kind of like swimming trunks. If you are not too comfortable with exposing skin, you can wear tights to help you cover up the skin.

Workout Shorts for Guys

Common Mistakes And Thing to Observe

While buying clothes, people usually do not consider their choices as mistakes at first.

Nevertheless, there is always room for adjustment. Here are some common mistakes made by people, which could easily be improved with a suitable pair of workout shorts!

Capri Pants Are Not Shorts

Firstly, Capri pants are not shorts. Those who do not like to expose their skin may be tempted to wear this for exercising. However, Carpi’s provide little room for adjustment, and you might end up feeling extremely uncomfortable.

Very Fit Is Not Fit

Since tight jeans and slim-fit chinos are popular, some people may be tempted to wear tight shorts for workouts too. If you feel like it is as fit as it gets and you can carve your skin through, this is probably a very bad idea. You could get a tear in your shorts while exercising.

Workout Shorts for Guys Thin Legs

Know the Material

While buying gym shorts, make sure you are getting something baggy, loose, and flexible because you will be stretching your legs and body. Cotton shorts may seem like a good choice, but when you sweat in the gym, these shorts become heavy and sweaty.

Instead, look for ‘athleisure’ or sportswear that can also be worn for leisure. These days, most workout clothing is made of polyester fabric that is designed to keep you dry while exercising. If in doubt, check with the salesperson or manufacturer.

Get Something with Additional Lining

We know that having room for movement and also full coverage is important to most people. To this end, gym shorts with lining would be highly recommended. You could even get those with extra pockets for MP3 music players.

Recommended Shorts for Guys with Skinny Legs

While buying shorts, the fabric material, pockets, length, lining, and overall fitting plays a very important role. However, most people find it troublesome to evaluate the various options.

To help you find the best choice, we have listed down our picks for the best workout shorts for those with skinny legs.

Workout Shorts for Guys Cargo Pants

Cargo Shorts

Cargo shorts are a little longer than typical shorts, and if you want to keep them casual yet stylish, this is a perfect pair. You will get lots of pockets- a side pocket, back pocket, and two additional zippered cargo pockets. Overall, you get plenty of space, and the pockets add character to the style. These shorts are made of prestige fabric that is soft, easy to carry and maintain its structure as well.

Workout Shorts for Guys Lining

Shorts with Lining

With these basic, simple pair of shorts, you will get lining and standard side pockets.

Additionally, there is a short loop at the back where you can tuck in your shirt. Some people like to hang their fitness tracker or towel as well. The overall style is quite good, and it is available in many different colors.

Workout Shorts for Guys No Lining

7” Shorts Without Lining

If you are looking for something out of the box, then this is exactly what you should buy. It’s specially designed for those with shorter legs.

These shorts have an inner compression layer along with the outer layer. They are lightweight and stretchable, so you don’t have to think about stiffness and adjustment issues. Additionally, you will get a towel loop at the back as well.


There are plenty of options for workout shorts these days, but if you have skinny legs, make sure to take into consideration their fit and material. Let us know if there are other styles of shorts that you like!


Featured image: Yay Images. Post images provided by Born Tough.

Author Bio

James Wilson is a fitness enthusiast and marketing executive at Born Tough. Knowing how being overweight affects a person’s life and personality, he has spent years working on fitness and body transformation, including metabolic training and HIIT. He hopes to share all his experience and knowledge with those who are keen to learn.