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Physical Benefits of Mountain Biking

Physical Benefits of Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking Benefits

There are a lot of benefits when it comes to most forms of exercising. Mountain biking is no exception – riding a bike is great for your health. According to the British Medical Journal, those who choose to commute either partially or fully by biking on a daily basis can lower their risk of suffering from a range of adverse health outcomes.

Besides mountain biking’s physical benefits, there are also social benefits to be gained. Below, we’ll be listing down some of these benefits in case you’re still not convinced!


Physical Benefits of Mountain Biking


A great form of exercise

 Unlike biking in the city on flat roads, mountain biking requires you to use a lot more of your muscles and more muscle groups. Basically, this means you get a more complete workout for your entire body. Your legs, arms and back muscles will all be utilized.

In addition, mountain biking is great for toning your muscles, helping you stay in good shape and improving your fitness levels.


Strengthens your heart and lungs

Biking is also a form of cardiovascular workout, meaning that it’s good for your heart and lungs. By going mountain biking, you get a more strenuous workout which trains endurance. This reduces your chances of getting cardiovascular diseases.


Improves stamina

With a stronger heart and lungs, your muscles will be able to get more oxygen supply. More oxygen to the muscles means more energy, resulting in higher stamina. And you’ll certainly need the increased lung capacity and stamina for mountain biking, as the air can be thin when you climb higher up into the mountains.


Heightened alertness

 Another benefit of increased lung capacity is that your brain receives more oxygen. This will help you stay alert and focused for longer periods of time, while keeping your brain active.


Easy on the joints

Compared to running or jogging, mountain biking is generally easier on your joints. Your feet are not required to make constant contact with the ground, which could be jarring and cause stress to your joints.


Improves your sense of balance

Are you one of those with poor body coordination or balance? Mountain biking is great for improving your sense of balance, particularly if you bike on uneven ground like in the hills. The constant need to keep your bike going straight means you have to learn how to coordinate your limbs and eyes while riding. As you improve your coordination, you will find that you’ll crash or fall less frequently.


Weight loss

This one is obvious: the more you exercise, the more weight you’ll lose. If you’re on a weight-loss program, you’ll need to pair your nutritional intake with exercising. Mountain biking is an excellent option for fitness as it’s an intensive activity. Biking regularly will ensure that you’re not only working out your muscles but also burning fat.


Increased metabolism

Metabolism is defined as your body’s ability to convert the food and drinks you consume into energy. Getting sufficient exercise is not only good for losing weight but will also help improve your metabolism.


Better sleep

 In addition to all the above, having a good workout will make it easier to fall asleep. This is something to consider for those suffering from insomnia. Doing an activity you enjoy also means reduced stress, contributing to better sleep.


Social Benefits of Mountain Biking

A community to belong

Having friends to support you is vital for a healthy social life. Connecting with the mountain biking community is one way to get social support. Typically, there are mountain biking communities in every major town and city, which you could easily find by doing an online search. Joining such communities will give you a chance to learn from and connect to others, and also contribute by sharing your experiences and lessons learnt.


Get to make new friends

Mountain biking communities present opportunities for you to meet other mountain bikers and network in social events. You could organize mountain biking trips, charity fund-raisers and many other events that do not necessarily involve biking. Through such events, you might make new friends and who knows, perhaps get into important relationships to advance your career or personal life!


Bond with your family

Mountain biking is an activity that people of all ages can take part in. This means you could go mountain biking with your extended family as a group, which would be a great way to spend time bonding and learning more about one another.



There’s enough proof that mountain biking provides many interconnected benefits, both in the areas of physical fitness and social life. There’s likely a lot of other benefits that we have left out, which are up to you to discover.

As long as you are healthy enough and have the physical strength to ride, age shouldn’t be a factor in stopping you from mountain biking. Whether you are looking for a workout activity to add to your exercise routine, or just a pastime where you get to connect with other people socially, mountain biking could just be what you are looking for!