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How To Use Shimano Tiagra Shifters

Nowadays, Shimano is among the most famous groupset choices among bike manufacturers. The component giant offers bike manufactures and bikers a wide range of offerings with great efficiency and low cost. Shimano makes use of the STI’s levers, which stands for Shimano Total Integration. The shifters feature two levers: one large and one small. In […]


Best Bike Saddle for Big Guys

Finding a Bike Saddle – Introduction The pros of staying physically fit are hard to deny. Getting your body moving keeps it strong, helps it fight off illness and can even be beneficial to your mind and stress levels. Research shows those who keep their bodies physically fit are at a lower risk for heart […]


Surprising Health Benefits of Cycling to Work

By Alex Bristol When offices reopen, and the world returns to normal, it’s true to say that now is as good a time as any to practice great, renewed habits. One of these habits includes caring for ourselves a little more kindly than we may have before. Of course, intensive new hobbies and perfecting each […]


How to Transport a Tandem Bike

Can you transport a tandem bike across long distances? Tandem bikes are a great way of getting exercise while spending time with a friend or loved one. However, if you plan to travel somewhere further away for a leisurely ride, trying to figure out how to transport your bike might be a confusing experience. can […]


Shimano R500 vs Mavic Aksium

Shimano R500 and Mavic Aksium are two popular models of road bike wheelsets. For those who are starting out with road bikes, it is normal to compare these two models when considering an upgrade. Shimano R500 Features   . It is targeted at bikers who require wheels for basic training and daily commutes. The R500 […]


How to Strap Your Bike to A Roof Rack

The benefits of a mountain bike as a means of transportation and as a form of exercise are well known. However, there exist some moments of adventure where you will need to carry your bike on a car roof to get from one location to the next. The following are some helpful tips to secure […]


Full Suspension Bikes vs. Fat Bikes

What is a Full Suspension Bike? A full suspension bike possesses both a suspension fork in the front and shock absorbers in the rear. Full suspension bikes give riders the benefit of enjoying a smoother ride, even on rocky ground. With this type of suspension, the bike will bounce around less on rougher terrains as […]


Power Meter vs. Cadence Sensor

Biking is a great hobby and a good way of training as well. If you’re planning to get fit cycling, you’ll most probably need a way to control your progress and the performance of your gear. Let’s ride into different ways of doing so. Power Meter vs. Cadence Sensor A power meter is a device […]


2-Hole vs. 3-Hole Cleats

Bike Shoe Styles Although you can ride a bike with any shoe, if you are a regular biker, you may want to consider getting a pair of biking shoes. Biking shoes are built with stiffer soles to give bikers efficient energy transfer while pedaling. Biking shoes are usually paired with a compatible pedal for holding […]


7-Speed Bike vs. 21-Speed Bike

7-Speed Bike vs. 21-Speed Bike- Introduction New cyclists and bikers who have ridden for a long time often have doubts about the different speeds of their bikes. They often take time to search for the perfect bike for their riding conditions and goals. They’ve come to realize that having the right bike with the correct […]

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