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Can You Put Sealed Bearings in an Unsealed Hub?

What are sealed bike bearings? Seals commonly sold at bicycle stores are not typically built to be water-resistant. This kind of seal is instead simply modeled to prevent air from entering the bearing. Sealed bearings are then bearings safeguarded by seals, and these bearings are found in hubs and bottom brackets. Not only is a […]


Fixie vs Road Bike: Which One to Use for Commuting?

What is a fixie? How does it work and where do fixies come from? The “fixie” is a type of bicycle invented very early in bicycle design, around 1880. Some of the very first bikes created were fixies. Many British, Scottish, German, and French engineers have since patented interesting improvements, such as metal chains or […]


Single-Speed vs Geared Bikes – Which One’s Better for Cyclo-cross? [Guest Post]

By James Jordan The cycling community is extremely diverse. Though you might find different types of bikes used in cyclocross, the most popular ones are single-speed and geared bikes. Cyclocross enthusiasts will vehemently defend their preferences, but which one is actually the best one for you? We’ve compiled the pros and cons of both sides […]


Can You Put Pegs on a Road Bike? All About Bike Pegs!

Pegs on a Bike If you’re thinking of adapting pegs to your mountain bike, make sure you understand what you’re committing to. Consider what pegs are for, and why they’re not typically found on most bikes. As a mountain bike frame already has a fair weight, any extra pieces may be unnecessary additions. The main […]


What Are the Differences Between a Road Bike and a Triathlon Bike? [Guest Post]

By Tyler Tafelsky One of the most common questions asked among beginner triathletes is, “what are the differences between a road bike and a triathlon bike?  For those just entering the multisport world, such as triathlon, duathlon, or even quadrathlon – the bike leg makes up the largest segment of the race. In fact, the […]


Can You Ride a Bike With A Flat Tire?

Introduction- Can You Ride a Bike With A Flat Tire? Everyone knows that the tire is one of the components that propels the bike in a particular direction. Most bikes have tubes, which contain air. The pressure from the air moves the bike. If the tire deflates and it does not have the necessary pressure, […]


8 Tips for Riding a Bike at Night [Guest Post]

By Ethan Mays Cycling is a long journey, and it won’t stop at dawn. If you haven’t tried it yet, cycling on evenings with a full moon is an enjoyable experience! However, cycling in the dark has many potential dangers. Depending on each weather situation, the level of risk is also different. So here are […]


Can I Ride My Bicycle After Cataract Surgery?

Introduction Cataract surgery is a common and safe procedure used for , and it is relatively quick. Furthermore, the pain and discomfort of cataract surgery usually subside shortly after the procedure. Your vision clears quickly, and it will be completely healed about eight weeks after surgery. Although you may start a light activity like walking […]


6 Major Benefits of An Electric Bicycle [Guest Post]

By Oliva Wilson If you are concerned about global warming and want to help reduce carbon emissions, one of the things you should do is opt for more environmentally-friendly vehicles – such as electric bicycles. Instead of using automobiles that run on fossil fuels, biking to work with an E-bike is a greener option. offer […]

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