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How to Make a Motorcycle Helmet Quieter [Guest Post]

Ways to Make a Motorcycle Helmet Quieter- Introduction By Johnson Charles It is very annoying to ride a motorcycle for a long time with so much noise constantly coming into your helmet. So, what are the best ways to make a motorcycle helmet quieter? Just like how mountain bikers would sometimes encounter wind noise, motorbike […]


Best Entry Level Downhill Mountain Bikes

Best Entry-Level Downhill Mountain Bikes- Introduction A downhill mountain bike is designed to help you overcome sloping, rocky trails. As a beginner, you might wonder if it is worthwhile to get a bike specifically for downhill riding. However, just imagine being unprepared while riding on an advanced trail. Suffice to say that you would have […]


Best Bicycle Seat for Hemorrhoid Sufferers

Introduction- Best Bicycle Seat for Hemorrhoid Sufferers Cycling is a recreational activity with innumerable physical and psychological benefits. It can strengthen the heart, lungs, and muscles, protect your body from illness, and eliminate stress. But when you’re suffering from hemorrhoids, cycling can be an uncomfortable and painful ordeal. Fortunately, there are ways to manage the […]


Best Bike Helmet for Sun Protection

Introduction- Best Bike Helmet for Sun Protection When riding, cyclists must always protect their head with a helmet. While there aren’t many accidents caused by cycling, they do happen, which is why individuals should always be prepared. A helmet significantly reduces your risk of head injuries. But did you also know that a helmet can […]


What to Eat When Cycling Long Distance- 7 Energy-Packed Choices! [Guest Post]

By Martine Stoker If you want to cycle long distances, you have to fuel up yourself with various digestive foods that contain many calories. Having food with enough energy is important before you hit the road with your road bike. Foods like sweet potato, fatty fish, and brown rice have dense calories that take longer […]


What Is the Best Spin Bike for Home Use?

There are different things to take into account when choosing a spin bike to use at home. But first, one thing must be set clear: the difference between a spin bike and a bike trainer. The main characteristic that makes them so different is their look and thus, the intention in using them. A bike […]


Do Bike Trainers Work with Any Bike?

Introduction- Do Bike Trainers Work With Any Bike? Even though we love hitting the road and testing our limits outdoors, we must keep ourselves inside on several occasions. Still, these limitations are not enough to keep us off our rides, and the solution to continue to train is just around the corner. Generally, bike trainers […]


Best MTB Grips for Small Hands

Introduction- Best MTB Grips for Small Hands Although it may seem hard to find suitable grips when your hands are small, many mountain bike handlebar grips these days cover a big range of sizes. Manufacturers understand the need for well-fitting MTB grips. If you have small hands, it is wise to choose ergonomic grips since […]


The History of Fixed Gear Bikes [Guest Post]

Introduction- The History of Fixed Gear Bikes By William Cypher Even though the single-speed road bike is considered “basic” by many today, bike history tends to be more contentious than most other technologies. Some assume Giovanni de la Fontana invented the first bike in 1418, identifying it as a four-wheeled human-powered invention with a rope […]

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