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Electric Assist Trikes for Adults

Electric Assist Trikes for Adults

Introduction- Electric Assist Trikes for Adults

Guest Contribution by Robert Farnum

Electric bicycles and tricycles have always been a comfortable and smooth way to travel. Besides, electronic trikes also offer great storage support. They are best suited for people who want to enjoy a fun-filled ride with comfort, exploring roads both in and out of town.

Many bike manufacturers have ventured into this space, adding their own unique spin on electric tricycles for adults. Addmotor is a brand that has launched popular models of electric assist trikes for adults. Here are some of the features you could look forward to, should you choose to get one for yourself!

M-340 Electric Fat Trike 2023

M-340 Electric Trike

The M-340 Electric Fat Trike 2023 is a best-selling product. This adult e-trike is designed to offer you in an adventurous ride. It comes with user-friendly controls and a strong electric motor.

The wood board on this electric tricycle is made so that you can rest your legs easily with its elegant frame design. The handlebar and paddle saddle are adjustable to give utmost comfort. It has 4.0″ fat tires, which are puncture-resistant. These big tires enhance grip and support by providing adequate balance and control, making it it easy to ride.

This e-trike has a front-mounted motor at a rating of 750W. The powerful motor helps you climb hills with a quick acceleration. Furthermore, this adult electric tricycle comes with a 20 Ah removable and rechargeable battery, and a riding range of up to 85 miles (136 km).

There is a 5-inch LCD in the front to check your statistics and directions. There are also integrated head and backlights for a safe commute at night. At just over three thousand dollars, this electric tricycle offers a pleasant and comfortable ride.

M-360 Adult Semi-Recumbent Electric Trike 2023

Riding an e-bike or e-trike should not be an issue for people with back pain. Keeping this idea in mind, the M-360 Adult Semi-Recumbent Electric Trike is suited to people with back problems or those who are disabled. With the three-wheeler design and a reclining position, this e-trike model makes it easier to ride on uneven roads.

If you are on a long ride, the semi-recumbent design improves comfort and makes your ride less tiring. This model comes with 20″ x 4″ fat Kenda tires, easing your journey on rough terrain and beaches.

The M360 has a front-mounted, 750W motor. It enables the e-trike to carry around 100 lbs (45kg) of cargo.

With a battery power of 48V x 20AH and a capacity of 768WH, this e-trike has a riding range of up to 85 miles (136 km). It also has 180mm disc brakes, and an integrated headlight and taillight.  It is priced at a similar budget level as the M-340.

M-350 A7 Electric Tricycle 2023

Similar to the last two models, the M-350 A7 Electric Tricycle is meant to improve stability and control. It has fat tires and thus offers a good grip even on rough, uneven roads.

The M-350 has a relatively powerful 750W motor, and 20AH durable battery which may last up to six or seven hours. This translates to a travel range of about 85 miles (136 km).

The distinctive feature of this model is that its front and rear tires have different sizes, and all tires are puncture-resistant.

Moreover, this e-trike comes with a huge basket with a great storage capacity. This makes it ideal for riding it when you are going to a picnic, or going shopping. There are also integrated head and backlights. Overall, it is an excellent ride, and is priced at the same level as the two other models.

Electric Assist Trikes for Adults


Addmotor has designed several exciting models of electric assist trikes for adults for 2023. These have numerous unique features which would be sure to interest their target groups. For example, users with back pain or disability, or who regularly shop for groceries or go to picnics, or who frequently ride on rough terrain, would benefit from these models. As a bonus, their stylish designs also makes them appealing to would-be riders!

Images: Addmotor

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