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How To Carry A Cable Lock On Your Bike

How to Carry Cable Lock on Bike

Safety and security first, they say. But when we say this, we mustn’t limit our minds to just our safety and security, but also include our bikes!

We know how much we have invested in them, and even though it might not have been a significant amount, we don’t want anybody to take our favorite ride away. So we recur to different security measures, and a must when dealing with this topic, is having a bike lock. There are various ways, each with their pros and cons, and in this article, we’ll cover different aspects of them.

What Is A Cable Lock?

A cable lock is one of the most commonly used locks used. As its name indicates, it looks like a thick cable used to fasten either a mountain bike wheel or frame. It could even be used to secure both to a fixed object in the street if it is sufficiently long.

It follows the same principle as regular chains but is less vulnerable. Regardless, resourceful bike thieves armed with cable or bolt cutters could still cut through cable locks.

The main difference between cable locks and chain locks is that cable locks are made up of a cable wrapped in a wire jacket. This jacket is also covered by a thick vinyl, which protects the elements inside against severe weather conditions.

They may have an integrated lock, which works with either a key or a number combination, or loops in both ends so that the user can use an external lock to bind both tips.

How To Carry A Cable Lock On Bike

Now we get to a point where different ideas come to mind. It’s common knowledge that carrying loose objects to a bike is not entirely comfortable. So, if we choose to use a cable lock as a security measure, how and where should we carry them when we are not using them?

An option is to wrap it below your seat. You should be very careful to fasten it very tight so that it doesn’t scratch your frame. If it is too loose, it may touch your rear wheel as you cycle, damaging both the wheel and the lock itself. This may be the most practical option since you avoid touching the cable with your legs.

On the other hand, you can wrap it to your frame. It may come across as uncomfortable, as your legs may touch the cable lock as you ride. It is also quite difficult to fasten it enough to avoid its moving downwards as you ride.

Wrapping your cable lock to your handlebar is another option. However, as a movable part of your bike (and quite an important one to leave as obstacle-free as possible) – it is not a recommended one. It may look fashionable, but avoiding this option would be the best.

How to Carry Cable Lock on Bike

How To Mount A U-Lock

U-locks are another security measure you can choose. But being rigid, you can’t wrap them to a part of your bike. So how can we carry them?

There are accessories to fasten them to your frame. Some rings secure your U-lock in a rattle-free way, from at least two different points of the lock. If this is not an option because of size or measure problems, you can always acquire a backpack and carry it inside!