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How to Make your Bicycle Look Like a Motorcycle

How to Make your Bicycle Look Like a Motorcycle

Bicycles aren’t motorcycles, but if you love the simplicity and low cost of your bicycle yet prefer the power and sound of a motorcycle, you are not alone.

Bicycle riders have been using different hacks to make their bicycles look like motorcycles for a long time. This is especially common among kids – but the experience is open to all ages. With different tricks, you can change the appearance and functionality of your bicycle to mimic a motorcycle.

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The most common manipulation of a bicycle in this regard is to make it sound like a motorcycle. So, what are the hacks that can make your bicycle produce sounds similar to that of a motorcycle?

Methods to Make Your Bicycle Look or Sound Like a Motorcycle

Put a Playing Card in Your Bicycle Spoke

This is probably the oldest method for making your bicycle sound like a motorcycle. You can use a standard playing card, or more preferably, a plastic card. The following simple steps will make your bicycle roar like a motorcycle:

  • Wrap the shorter end of a standard playing card or plastic card around the rear fork of your bicycle. Ensure the free end gets between the spokes and does not affect the free movement of the wheel.
  • Use masking tape or any other suitable material to fasten the card on the bicycle rear fork.
  • Confirm the spokes will be hitting the card as the bicycle moves by spinning the wheels
  • Ride away as your bicycle will now start sounding like a motorbike as the spokes hit the card.

This video elaborates on the main ways in which you could make your bike sound like a motorcycle (Credit to Vat19):

You Can Also Use Rubber Balloons

You can also use rubber balloons to make your bicycle sound like a motorcycle. Your ultimate target here is to put the balloons in the spokes without obstructing the chain or the brakes. As the wheels of the bicycle move, you will recognize the sound it will produce. You can follow the steps below to make your bicycle sound like a motorcycle using rubber balloons:

  • Get one or more rubber balloons
  • Inflate the balloons slightly to create surface tension
  • Tie the balloons to one of the bicycle’s forks
  • Get on your bicycle and carefully push the balloons into the spokes

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Use a Water Bottle to Make Your Bicycle Look and Sound Like a Motorcycle

Attaching a water bottle to the spoke of your bicycle will have two effects. First, it will look like an exhaust, hence make your bicycle look like a motorcycle. Also, it will give you the cool sound of a motorcycle. Below are the steps to take:

  • Get a plastic water bottle and a playing card
  • Open the bottle lid and cut the bottom so that the bottle is open at both ends
  • Make a small incision at the screw socket deep enough to hold a standard plastic or playing card
  • Put the card in the incision and place the water bottle in the rear forks of the bicycle, ensuring the card touches the spokes
  • Fix the water bottle to the bicycle with secure tape
  • Ride your bicycle and enjoy the sound of the motorcycle


Install a Bicycle Engine Kit

For the final option, instead of merely making your bicycle look like a motorcycle, why not make it motorized as well? This is more expensive than all the other methods, but will likely be less costly than getting an e-bike.

All you need is an 80cc bike engine kit. This video shows you how to install one (Credit to DIY TEK NUT):

Take note that the motor runs on gasoline, so you would have to top it up from time to time.

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