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Best Electric Bikes for Climbing Steep Hills [Guest Post]

Best Electric Bikes for Climbing Steep Hills

By Trevor Fenner

Electric bikes have been around for a while now, gaining popularity from all parts of the world. One of the most common usages of electric bikes is for commuting purposes, but we all know that there’s more to e-bikes than just being a basic mode of transportation.

People nowadays prefer e-bikes to quench their thirst for adventures as their form of recreation. Whether it’s in the woods or sandy beaches, we know for sure that electric bikes are capable of taking the fun to the next level.

Ideally, every electric bike should be capable of giving you the extra push for every trail you conquer. However, not all electric bikes are made equal. Some are built only for paved and leveled roads, but some are designed primarily to conquer rugged trails, including, of course, steep hills.

An electric bike is primarily composed of an electric motor, battery, and control system. What mainly defines the strength of your e-bike is the electric motor which provides the amount or level of power and electric assistance you receive when pedaling.

Typically, each type of e-bike comes with an electric motor with a specific power output range, thereby defining its limitations. For example, a cruiser electric bike is ideal for concrete roads and casual city tours, but at the same time, there are powerful cruiser electric bikes that can do more than that.

Most e-bikes are capable of more and bigger things, including overcoming rugged trails and conquering steep hills. In this blog, we’ll take you through some of the most suitable electric bikes for hill climbing.

Best Electric Bikes for Climbing Steep Hills

Best Electric Bikes for Climbing Steep Hills – A Round-up

Step-Thru Electric Bikes

For people who want classic-looking electric bicycles for their casual trips, a step-thru electric bike would do. Even though this kind of electric bike is seen mainly along streets and concrete roads, that doesn’t mean it cannot reach greater heights. And for this category, the best step-thru electric bike for climbing hills would be this one from Ecotric.

The Ecotric Lark 36V/10Ah 500W Step-Thru Electric Bike’s design was inspired by a family of birds named Lark, commonly seen in Africa and North America. With a 500W rear hub motor, exploring the city with uphill streets won’t bother the Ecotric Lark.

One of the most striking features of this e-bike is the winglike battery shield. This prevents dresses and skirts from getting caught in the rear wheel. And just like typical electric bikes, the Ecotric Lark features two riding modes, the pedal assist and the throttle one. In addition, the Lark is equipped with a speed sensor to provide better electric pedal assistance and an extensive 7-speed Shimano derailleur system for more controlled rides. The Ecotric Lark may seem plain and simple on the outside, but it does deliver ample power to climb and conquer steep slopes.


Folding Electric Bikes

Electric bikes are generally huge and space-hoarder but not for this type. Folding electric bikes have a unique folding mechanism that allows you to turn and collapse them into a conveniently compact size. When you live in a city far from mountain and beach trails, you’ll need to have your electric bike transported long distance. And for rides like this, a folding electric bike is ideal since you can easily fold it and put it in the back of your car, and drive to where the perfect bike trails are.

Compared to other electric bikes, folding electric bikes perhaps have one of the biggest fandoms in the e-bike community. It is equally efficient and powerful as the others but is ultimately a space-saver e-bike, making it the perfect commute ride for city dwellers. And what’s the best folding electric bike for climbing steep hills? It’s the one from Green Bike USA.

The Green Bike USA GB Low Step 48V/18.20Ah 750W Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike is a dependable folding e-bike perfect for quick and long trips. With a whooping motor power of 750W, no climb is challenging enough for this tiny beast. The GB Low Step features excellent brakes, wide rims, and front and rear shocks.

It can travel 60 miles with the throttle and an astounding 80 miles with pedal assist for just a single charge. If you have a small living place and want an efficient ride to accompany you on your commutes, the GB Low Step definitely is your perfect match.

Best Electric Bikes for Climbing Steep Hills

Electric Road Bikes

If there are electric bikes designed for mountain use, there are also e-bikes made mainly for road use. Electric road bikes feature the famous broad tires that are skinnier compared to that of eMTBs. They are lighter and stiffer than the other electric bikes. As we all know, not all roads are leveled, so the most efficient way to conquer a sloping road is to get an electric road bike with the best climbing ability.

Possessing that ability is the Ecotric Vortex 36V/9Ah 350W 7 Speed Cruiser Electric Bike, an all-time favorite for many. It boasts a smooth 350-watt hub motor, which works together with the pedal sensor to give you just the right amount of boost on each stroke.

In addition, the Vortex features throttle and pedal assist modes, both in which you can quickly and conveniently go uphill. This model is made out of a high-strength carbon steel frame, and comes equipped with Tektro Novela brakes and free accessories such as fenders for both the front and rear.

Electric Mountain Bikes

If you need an electric bike for a more daring escapade, you will have to get yourself an electric mountain bike or eMTB. An eMTB perhaps is the most famous electric bike there is, having outstanding strength and higher specifications. When it comes to eMTBs, almost every electric bike is capable of climbing steep hills, but there can only be one outstanding model. In our opinion, that has got to be the Rattan Challenger Pro.

The Rattan Challenger Pro 48V/10.4Ah 350W Electric Mountain Bike has a 350-watt brushless motor. We found it having a steady acceleration up to its max speed of 22 mph in just about 15 seconds.

In addition, its grippy CST 26-inch all-terrain tires make it ideal for tackling challenging trails and steep slopes. This electric bike’s unique feature is a new “I-PAS” technology that converts kinetic energy (which would otherwise be wasted) into electrical energy.

With the high-capacity 48-volt, 10.4 amp-hour lithium-ion battery, the Rattan Challenger Pro can last up to 50-80 miles on a single charge.

Best Electric Bikes for Climbing Steep Hills

Electric Hunting Bikes

However the world evolves, the advancement of electric bikes will always be a part of it. When it comes to sports, particularly hunting, a specific type of electric bike is slowly making its way to the top. Electric hunting bikes, as everyone calls them, make the hunting sport more thrilling and memorable.

Considering the power and magic that every electric hunting bike possesses, accomplishing even the most challenging trails is easily possible. And if the ability to climb steep hills is the only factor to consider, all electric hunting bikes are without a doubt capable or perhaps overqualified. However, if the best electric hunting bike for going uphills is what exactly you’re looking for, then Rambo’s very own Rebel tops the list.

The Rambo Rebel 48V/21Ah 1000W Fat Tire Electric Hunting Bike makes conquering rugged trails and sharp hills an easy-peasy job. Knowing that it’s from the highly-acclaimed manufacturer of electric hunting bikes, Rambo, you are sure that the Rebel is a powerful and durable e-bike. It features an incredibly powerful and high-torque Bafang mid-drive motor with 1000 watt nominal output that makes climbing even the steepest hills possible.

The Samsung 48V 21AH frame-integrated battery of the Rambo Rebel lets you go for up to 48 miles on a single charge. With the Maxxis 26″ x 4.8″ extra-wide fat tires, all your extreme dream adventures can become a reality.

As the electric bike industry keeps on booming, countless different types of electric bikes are also being tested to cater to specific needs of various people around the world. So whether you’re a mere commuter or an adventurous bike enthusiast, using an electric bike can undoubtedly double the fun and excitement.

Climbing hills, beating trails, and surviving long trips, no matter what challenge awaits you, there’s an electric bike that will perfectly suit your needs. And with all the benefits and advantages an electric bike can offer, you’ll never go wrong in choosing them over the conventional ones.

Images: Unsplash/ Kay Liedl, Viktor Bystrov and Ashutosh Nandeshwar


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