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Why Mountain Bikers Should Take Up Motorcycling [Guest Post]

Motorcycle Transport

Open the Door to a New World of Adventures with Motorcycling

By Patrick,

The sweet smell of adventure wafting on the gentle breeze as it runs through your hair and the adrenaline rush of speeding through an open road, is what makes motorbikes so alluringly thrilling.

For the most part, many of us tend to suppress this fascination with motorbikes. However, it’s true that somehow motorcycling lends a different kind of aura to your personality. What’s more, somewhere down in your subconscious, you already are aware of this fact.

Motorcycling is not much different from mountain biking.

Speed truly isolates riding a cruiser from a mountain bike. However, the procedure is similar in terms of maintaining balance and steering. Likewise, the two vehicles entail that you look forward in the direction you need to go. Looking elsewhere or being too distracted by the surroundings isn’t advisable as it may lead to a slip-up.

Also, both vehicles are equipped with brakes and gears. Although you require more concentration and practice when braking on a motorbike, it uses a similar rule.

Motorcycle Transport

You need to be extremely safe while riding bikes, whether it is motor powered or human powered! Appropriate gear- for example, a protective helmet– ought to be worn, in spite of the fact that traffic laws differ from state to state.

Here are a few common safety rules that apply to both.

Being alert and visible to others matters the most. On the off chance that drivers can see you, they are less likely to hit you. Use lights or indicators when biking around during evening time or in foggy or misty conditions.

Use proper gestures to convey your direction to other drivers and co-bicyclists. Never expect that the other drivers will adjust to how you ride. Try not to tune in to music or chat on the phone while riding. When you share the road, there is a certain traffic flow that you need to adhere to. Try not to zigzag all around vehicles or obstacles. Being predictable on the road while riding a motorbike will always count in your favor.

Despite the fact that these two types of individual transportation are fundamentally the same, each has its own merits. Mountain biking frequently takes you to isolated, serene spots, where you can get in touch with nature, reflect, and appreciate the beauty of the encompassing area. Having mentioned that, motorcycle transport has discovered an abiding space in the present.

For many mountain bikers, a frequently asked question is whether they can foray into the world of motorcycling without losing the joy factor. Here are a few compelling reasons why mountain bikers must give motorcycling a try.

  • One of the beautiful things about motorcycling is that you quit agonizing over trivial discomforts such as helmet hair or strolling into a crowd wearing biker clothes. Even natural elements such as weather don’t seem to bother you when you are in your “rider zone”. When you start riding, over a period of time, you will discover a new approach typified by calmness. Even when you come across the silly drivers on the road and their carelessness, you won’t react as strongly as you would have earlier. For you know fixating your rage on one individual or thing will just hamper your focus.
  • When you are out on the road, you are continuously observing many things simultaneously such as your bike’s speed, acceleration, balance, path position, and nearby traffic. All that helps you develop exceptional levels of concentration. When riding, you discover spiritual calm and harmony that will stand you in good stead in life generally.
  • Many well-known motorcycling experts come from a mountain biking background. Just like mountain biking, motorcycling drills in you moral values such as respect for others. It disciplines you, empowering you to live a better life in terms of health. Specialized challenges involved in motorcycling helps you sharpen your cognitive skills and develop other abilities.

Last but not least, it always pays to prepare well before starting motorcycling. There are several programs for beginners that you can look over. All things considered; you should try taking a formal riding course before taking off. Regardless of whether you’re an accomplished motorcyclist, you ought to consider extra riding courses every once in a while. Doing as such hones your road riding aptitudes.

In addition, put resources into the gear from trustworthy brands as helmets, gloves, and windcheater jackets are an integral part of motorcycling. Always be protected!

Image by Arthur Tumasjan on Unsplash


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Patrick is the editor of, a specialized motorcycle shipping and transport service.