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How to Take Handlebar Grips Off [Guest Post]

How to Take Handlebar Grips Off

By Nick Mark

Whether it’s a bike for small kids or the bike you bought for yourself, there comes a time when it’s a must to replace the handlebar grips of your bike.

But how do you know that it’s the right time to replace the old ones? You must have noticed that when grips become old, they start sliding off. That’s the worst and most dangerous condition for a bike to be ridden.

There are a couple of easy ways to take the handlebar grips off your bike. Read on to find out more!

Why Is It Necessary to Take Handlebar Grips Off?

There are a couple of reasons for removing handlebar grips. It could be because you want to install better ones for comfort, or due to bad condition. Imagine your handlebar grips coming off in front of oncoming traffic. If you don’t change them soon, getting into an accident won’t be a surprise.

If the bike is a small one, such as the bike you bought for 5 or 6-year old kids, removing handlebar grips may sometimes be needed. It’s because the handlebars may not come in proper shapes and can be uncomfortable for kids.

How to Take Handlebar Grips Off

Updating your handlebar grips with new ones is a cheap, fast and easy way of giving your old bike a newer look. The time required to remove those may depend upon how they were installed. In some unusual cases, people want to change their handlebar grips even when they are not loose. It will require more time.

In most cases, people just cut the handlebar grips off, but if you are planning on saving the old ones for some reason, you need to be extra careful. In this section of our article, you’ll know how to easily and effectively take off the handlebar grips.

How to cut aluminum handlebars

6 Easy Steps for Intact Handlebar Grips Removal

What You Will Need

A wire cutter, a screwdriver, furniture polish.

Step 1:
Before getting started, you need to get rid of the safety wire. You may have used those to fasten those grips to handlebars. Cut the safety wire off using the wire cutter.

Step 2:
Spray furniture polish onto a thin screwdriver to lubricate it.

Step 3:
Insert the screwdriver between the handlebar and the grip.

Step 4:
Keep moving the grip until it loosens from the attached handlebar.

Step 5:
After the grip is finally loosened, Start twisting it using the other hand till it starts sliding.

Step 6:
Spray some more furniture spray for lubrication and remove the loosened grip.

 3-Step Grip Removal Using WD-40

What You’ll Need:

WD-40 tube or spray can, a screwdriver

Step 1:
Loosen the shift levers and brake to slide them toward the handlebar’s middle position.

Step 2:
Insert and push the screwdriver into the created gap between the bar and grip.

Step 3:
Now, that the screwdriver is inside that gap/ grip, push a WD-40 tube into the area and squeeze some out. If you have the spray version, you can use the external nozzle to aim at the area. The grip will be loosened. You can now easily slide it off the bar.

2 Easy Steps of Cutting off the Grip

What You’ll Need:

A wire cutter, a razor blade or an X-acto knife

Step 1:
Get rid of the safety wire using the wire cutter. Make sure to wear gloves for protection.

Step 2:
Cut the whole grip off the bar from top to bottom. That’s it!

Bonus Section: How to Install New Handlebar Grips?

As you have already taken off the old grip, the rest of the process is now a lot easier!

Step 1:
Spray some hairspray into the new grips.

Step 2:
Push the grip into the handlebar while it’s still wet.

Step 3:
Now, wait for it to dry up and make sure that the grip is in place.

Step 3:
Move back the shift levers and brake to their previous positions and make sure to tighten them.


Hopefully, this article has shown you all the ways of removing a grip. Enjoy riding with your new handlebar grips!

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