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Top 10 Best Cycling Trips in the World [Guest Post]

Top 10 Best Cycling Trips in the World

By Christopher G. Aiello

Cycling is a simple and brilliant way of engaging intensely with your destination.

Imagine yourself cycling through the world’s richest historical landscapes enjoying picturesque  and spectacular sceneries.

Cycling, as the antithesis of the modern trend of flying, provides a slower way of meandering your surroundings. Every ride, regardless of the destination, has the likelihood to connect you with people, culture, and the sounds and sights of nature.

You can discover the ancient gems of Europe, relish North America’s stunning landscapes, enjoy the welcoming vivid colors and diverse cultures of South America or the alluring and captivating intimate beauty of Asia Pacific on two wheels.

So what are the top 10 best cycling trips in the world?

In our article, we have outlined some of the best destinations for both the burgeoning and adept cyclists.

Preparing for your cycling trip

Whether DIY or using a bike tour company, here how to prepare for your cycling tour.

  1. Funding- every trip needs enough cash, and a cycling trip is no exception.
  2. Keep it simple- don’t overload your bike and follow your route itinerary
  3. Travel permits – Follow each country’s requirements by ensuring you have the correct travel visas and permission to cycle in specific locations.
  4. Get equipped- Have the necessary cycling gear for comfort and safety, emergency repairs and travel insurance.
  5. Contacts- Ensure you have your family, friends, doctor and lawyer contacts within reach. In case of a cycling accident, whether locally or internationally, you may need a legal expert, like the New Jersey personal injury lawyers, to handle your case.

Best Cycling Trips

1.  Chile

From the Carretera Austral to Easter Island, Chile gives you a spectacular cycling journey through its deserted roads, unpaved rural routes, and picturesque mountains.

Easter Island has easy trails that criss-cross through the famous beaches and large statues.

On the other hand, Carretera Austral has over 1000km of unpaved roads that pass through the Patagonia region. It encompasses Chile’s most eye-catching lakes, untouched forest areas, rocky mountains, glaciers, and terrains.

Chile is the perfect bike trip for an adventure cyclist.

2.  Australia

Australia has many epic cycling routes like the Great Ocean Road and the west coast of Tasmania.

The Great Ocean Road route starts from Torquay, which is approximately 62 miles from Melbourne, to Allansford, near Warrnambool in the south-eastern part of Australia. The entire route is 151 miles (243km). The route encompasses winding roads with spectacular views of the country, charming mountains, and craggy deserted beaches. It’s ideal for both advanced and moderate cyclists.

Raw, wild and untamed are just some of the ways you could describe the west coast of Tasmania.  The 346 miles (557km) journey from Hobart to Stanley, through Queenstown, Strahan and Rosebery, offers breathtaking scenery, historic sites, cute towns, famous mountains, and beautiful lakes.  Tasmania is a hilly cycling land, ideal for adventure cyclists.

3.  England

As a cycling paradise, England has some fantastic cycling tour destinations like the South Downs Way and the Isle of Wight.

The Isle of Wight has the most varied terrain from narrow lanes through mysterious green gullies and tidy hedgerows to lush hills rolling down into the vast sea and white chalk cliffs. The Isle of Wight is ideal for any biker.

South Downs Way is a 100 miles (161km) route that criss-crosses England’s most rolling and stereotypical lush sceneries. Starting in Winchester, Hampshire, and ending at Eastbourne, East Sussex, it is open to walkers, cyclists, and even horse riders. The route has picturesque villages, beaches, cliffs, and even a roman villa.

Remember to take a pint at the ever absurdly charming pubs dotted along the way.

4.  Europe

Europe’s bike route, known as the North Sea Cycle, crosses through eight countries and traces along the spectacular North Sea coastline. It’s a 3728 miles (6000km) route that goes through the breathtaking scenery in Belgium, Norway, Sweden, France, Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, and the UK.

Weather and roads vary. From the Netherlands below sea levels to Norway’s charming mountainous regions, but it’s easy to transverse through the routes during the summer season.

Most bikers cycle through a section of the route, and for the more daring, you can do the entire eight countries. The route is ideal for any cyclist.

5.  The Baltics

Biking through the Baltics (Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania) offers the perfect chance to enjoy a magnificent mix of wild, fairy tale towns, and untouched nature.

The cycling tour takes you through the country’s endless dunes, Tallinn’s medieval spires, funky bars, National parks, and stunning beaches. The Baltics route provides an unforgettable biking adventure for both novice and experienced riders.

6.  France

Top 10 Cycling Trips - France

Image: Pixabay/ Hilmar Buschow/ Tour de France

Biking through the signed bike path of Dordogne valley, Mont Ventoux and Luberon’s hilly sides provides any cyclist a unique way of discovering the beauty and culture of France.

Enjoy the paths rendered with the famous ambrosial wine, ancient Roman ruins, and medieval chateaux. Criss-cross through the manicured vineyards, and haphazardly tumbling ancient villages, down the rocky slopes, lavender fields, and cool pine forests.

Climax your biking adventure at Mont Ventoux as it silently lures you to its beautiful dominating landscape, scenes of the famous Tour -De- France dramas.

7.  Canada

Canada pure nature offers bikers of any level a chance to cycle big.

Start with the Linear Park (P’tit Train-Du Nord), a 124 miles (200 km) route between Saint-Jérôme and Mont-Laurierroute, with crystal clear waters and lush beauty.

The Great Divide provides an unpaved mountain route from Alberta to New Mexico in the US. Over 3000 miles (4900km) of the undeniably spectacular scenery of everything; from mountains to woodland to wastelands, with potential companions like moose and grizzlies, eagles and mountain lions, this route is ideal for experienced and adventure bikers and best tackled during the summer months of June- September.

The Cabot trail provides the most scenic biking adventure for the experienced and average cyclists.  This 185 miles (298 km)  passes through Cape Breton Highlands and encompasses lovely rolling hills, rocky shores, high peaks, and breathtaking coastal views.

8.  United States

From the Pacific coastal highway’s intriguing routes to the quiet island of San Juan and the Blue Ridge Parkway route, America has the most ambitious and tremendous biking tours for everyone.

Blue Ridge Parkway provides roller-coaster-like routes starting from Virginia to North Carolina and crosses through four national forests with lots of bridges, historical sites, and tunnels. This   469 miles (755 km) boasts uninterrupted forests, vibrant foliage, splashy waterfalls, burbling rivers, and the Appalachian mountains.

The Pacific Coast Highway traverses Oregon, Washington, and California. This route has over 1700 miles (2735km) of spectacular ocean views, classic little towns, and massive redwood trees.

San Juan Island offers epic cycling adventures. Bike through the secluded coves, forested shorelines, roads, and rural vistas as you enjoy Orcas, Lopez, and San Juan Islands’ distinctive peace and charm.

9.  Morocco

From the Sahara desert stunning dunes to High Atlas snow-covered peaks, Morocco offers diverse biking experiences.

Take classic beaten track rides along the coastal routes of Essaouira and Agadir and head over to Marrakech to enjoy the scenic ride through the Draa Valley and mountains.

As a biking tour destination, Morocco provides an astonishing landscape that requires self-reliance and perseverance due to high altitude and remote route destinations. This route is best for experienced adventure cyclists.

10.  Vietnam

Vietnam’s National Highway 1 is an iconic and popular cycling route that runs in a narrow length from the North to the South of Vietnam. Starting at Hanoi and ending at Ho Chi Minh City, it is 1430 miles (2300km) long and provides an immensely rewarding cycling tour along the coastlines and hills.

The route offers breathtaking mountain views and an opportunity to dive into the coastal turquoise waters. Soak up and enjoy the rural hamlet’s atmosphere, engage in snorkeling and fishing, and take time to gaze and marvel on the lush rice fields down the hidden valleys.

This Vietnam cycling route provides a real voyage through paved roads, ideal for any cyclist.

Bottom Line

Cycling as an adventure tour brings you up close to the magnificence of any place, but it also has myriad health benefits. It’s a low impact activity with less strain and a perfect muscle workout that increases your body flexibility and strength.

So, book your biking tour today for connection to culture, wildlife and nature, unfiltered experiences, and stand-out lifetime memories!

Featured image: Pixabay/ Antranias


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