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Top 6 Famous Bikes in Movies

Top 6 Famous Bikes in Movies

Guest contribution by Winnie Miles

Motorbikes enjoy a unique distinction from every other vehicle displayed in movies. They are fast and agile and used to sprinkle sass on-screen with aggressive looks. Whether you’re looking to check out our list because you’re a fan, biker, or both, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Bikes are meant to be enjoyed as two-wheeled machines packed with power, sound, and functionality that puts them ahead of the competition. The same goes for their screen appearance.

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Now, without further ado, let’s go ahead and check out bikes that had a lasting impression on-screen for movie fans as well as motor heads:


Famous Bikes in Movies Kawasaki Ninja

Image: Pexels/ Leon Kohle

Most viewers today may remember the first Top Gun as a movie all about action, romance, and fast jets. However, we mustn’t forget Tom’s personal vehicle was a Kawasaki GPZ900R. This bike was a jet in its own right at the time and showed Tom rocking his golden-rimmed aviators while speeding on the highway.

The Kawasaki was famously dubbed “Ninja.” An aptly-chosen name considering it has a four-cylinder engine and was the first of its kind to exceed speeds of up to 150 mph (241 km/h). Snippets of Tom donning his classic air force jacket, Ray-bans, and riding his Ninja still do rounds on the internet, and quite rightly so.


Famous Bikes in Movies Montesa Cota

Image: Wikimedia Commons/ Antramir

Another premier of the action genre, the James Bond franchise, is known to promote vehicles decked out to help our favorite agent, “007,” defend national security. Our chiseled boy uses a modified Honda Montesa Cota to speed down the streets of Munich in Quantum of Solace. Honda is usually known for the cars it gushes out annually. Still, they also have a dedicated space in their factories to manufacture top-notch bikes, such as the Montesa Cota.


Famous Bikes in Movies Kawasaki ZZR

Image: Pexels/ Gildo Cancelli

Every lady deserves a cool-looking vehicle. It only gets better when the woman in question is a ninja with a past full of trauma and death. Kill Bill Vol 1 is a cult classic and showcases the Kawasaki ZZR 250 being driven by our protagonist as she is on her way to dish out some self-righteous killing. In the movie, Uma Thurman wears a jumpsuit that looks identical to the one Bruce Lee wears and has her Kawasaki share the same theme as her clothing. Even the helmet has the same color palette.


Famous Bikes in Movies Yamaha XT

Image: Pexels/ Raffi MX

The first Rambo movie left a lasting impression on viewers. Particularly the ones who were affected by the traumas of the Vietnam War. Veterans and their children alike. One action scene from Rambo depicts Sylvester Stallone, who also happens to be the main character in the movie, escaping the police on a Yamaha XT 250.

The bike is shown to have exceptional handling as Stallone is seen crossing muddy tracks, slopes, and rugged terrains. He does all this while donning a regular tank top. We’d advise against this if you ever, even remotely, have the idea of riding a bike at top speeds when crossing jungle environments—very hazardous stuff.


Famous Bikes in Movies Ducati 996

Image: Wikimedia Commons/ Hooperbloob

Even though Matrix Reloaded could never reach the level of the first Matrix, it did have a good sprinkling of action sequences. Actress Carrie Anne-Moss had a special scene in this movie where she drove a Ducati 996 and sped down a highway, avoiding cars & trucks. Also, she did so while wearing black shades, which automatically made the entire sequence uber cool.

So impactful was her performance that Ducati made an exclusive limited edition of the 998 in 2014 that was a tribute to the Ducati 996 featured in The Matrix. 250 units were made, and they all sold out in hours—truly an impressive feat.


Famous Bikes in Movies Harley Davidson Fat Boy

Image: Wikimedia Commons/ Nitot

We all remember Arnold from his glory days, wearing black shades and driving a Harley on his way to eliminate that one kid who’d go on to be a real menace for Skynet. The T-800 drives a Harley Davidson Fat Boy on cruise mode when he’s out tracking the boy. The bike is so bulky and has a slow roar that the name Fat Boy does fit.


Top 6 Famous Bikes in Movies

That’s a wrap on our selection of the top six bikes that are a delight to watch on the screen. Check them out when you stream the relevant movies next time! Each bike had a role to play in a movie, and it shone not just because of its functionality but also for the value it added to the movie’s story.

Featured image: Pexels/ Dror & Linoy


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