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What Grease To Use on Bike Headset

What Grease To Use on Bike Headset

Bike headsets are one of the most important parts of your ride. That’s why you should be very careful about what grease you use on them when it comes to maintenance. In this article, we will deal with the different types of grease you can use to keep your ride healthy as it was on day one.

The headset bearings are a very common point of your bike to grease. However, you should always pay attention to the fork crown and part of the frame where they correspond. The good side of this? Bikes normally don’t require much grease for maintenance, so you will not need to spend a lot of money on this every year. A single tube may last more than one or two years if used properly. Let’s dive into the best grease you can use on your bike headset.

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Types of Grease To Use on Bike Headset

Red Grease for Bikes

Red grease is a multipurpose, mostly synthetic grease. This grease is often used for lubricating and protecting different mechanical parts, such as your bike headset. Its red color indicates that it withstands high temperatures, although you should always check for this specification on the tube. As an advantage to this, if you can’t find any red grease for your bike’s maintenance, you can also switch to dark blue, which is very similar.

Super Lube Synthetic Grease Bicycles

Super Lube Synthetic grease comes in an easy-to-apply aerosol container. While it protects and penetrates every single part of your ride, it’s also great for cleaning different parts of your bike. This grease is also very commonly used on motorcycles. One of the greatest benefits of Super Lube Synthetic grease is that, besides protecting and cleaning your bike, it also repels water. This way, you can rest sure that the inner parts of your ride won’t get rusty, giving it a longer, healthier life.

Anti-seize Bike Grease

Anti-seize bike grease prevents seizing and helps to assemble threaded components. It usually comes with a convenient tip to improve your accuracy when applying it to your bike headset. Besides being great to seal and assemble, it prevents your bike parts from corrosion. You can use it on different materials, such as titanium. You can also apply it to your disc brake pads if you often hear a squealing noise when pressing the lever.

This video shows how to grease and service your bike headset (Credit to Riding with Rees):


Checking and regularly maintaining your bike headset is a great way to improve your ride’s duration. As a plus, if you regularly go for a ride, whether short or long, you may hear or feel your bike asking for protection. With the correct grease, you can ensure your ride will stay young and healthy for a long time.

Featured image: Unsplash/ Jan Kopriva