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10 Guidelines for Kids Riding a Bike with Gears [Guest Post]

Guidelines for Kids Riding Gear Bike

By Zara

Safety is essential when it comes to kids riding a bike with gears. While getting a new gear bike for your kid, you have to consider certain factors like comfort and proper conditioning. Get your kid a gear bike only after a lot of practice on various terrain.

Here are a few factors and guidelines which would help your kids ride with utmost safety.

Guidelines for Kids Riding a Bike with Gears

  1. Bike Features

One of the main things to consider before choosing a bike is its features. Look for the detailed specification and the features of the bike for better riding in the future.

Bike Size:

The smaller the bike, the easier it is generally for kids to ride. For younger children, most of the brands offer training wheels which are removable. If your child is not confident in riding a bike, it would be advisable to keep these training wheels even when changing from a single speed to a 7-gear bike.

  1. Types of Bikes

For fitness and exercise purpose it is better to choose a hybrid bicycle. For every day commuting to work, college and school it would be better to get road bikes. For off-road trail riding mountain bikes are the best.

  • Mountain Bikes (MTB)
Mountain bikes have wide tires and are best-suited for riding in hilly regions. For a rough trail, mountain bikes would be able to tackle the bumps and gravel paths. Full suspension bikes could also handle snow and muddy conditions. Mountain bikes present an advantage of being able to ride on the road as well as in mountainous regions.

  • Road Bikes
Road bikes are perfect for commuting to the office hassle-free. Road bikes have regular tires with frames and suspension forks made of strong material. Road bikes usually come with little or no suspension, since they are designed for smooth and flat surfaces.

  • Hybrid bikes
Hybrid bike tires are wide and they look similar to that of mountain bikes. Hybrid bikes could be used both as a road bike and mountain bike. They are comfortable and suited to both on-road and off-road riding.

  1. Brake Mechanism

Brakes have to be in proper working condition and well maintained. Mainly there are two types of brakes- disc brakes and rim brakes. Most mountain bikes have disc brakes, while rim brakes are common for road bikes.

Rim Brakes: 

The rim of the bike wheel is used as a surface for braking. Rim brakesare usually simple and lightweight.

Disc Brakes: 

Disc brakes use a simple metal disc for braking. They are popular on bikes with wide tires, as rim brakes do not work too well on wide tires.

  1. Gear Mechanism

Gear bikes require more maintenance compared to single speed bikes. Moreover, without prior practice, it would be difficult for kids to handle the gears. Since shifting gears is not an easy concept for children to master, it may be a good idea to go for a bike with fewer gears initially.

  1. Safety helmet

A mountain bike helmet is one of the main safety precautions you should always take. When riding in uneven terrain, consider getting a full helmet that covers the entire head and face. The visor should not have scratches and be clearly visible.

  1. Knee pad and elbow guard 

Getting knee pads and elbow guards would be a lifesaver as your child is likely to fall off the bike many times. Knee pads and elbow guards provide extra support, but you should look for one that is thick, flexible and comfortable for your kids.

  1. Balancing bikes 

Learning to properly balance the bike would be important for a child. Get a bike where your kid is able to adjust the seat and reach the handlebar with ease. He or she should also be able to touch the ground with their feet when seated on the bike.

  1. Stability

Bike wheel frames designed to be stable and provide support. Test out your gear bikes before purchasing, if it’s possible. You should be able to reach a substantial speed without the bike feeling wobbly.

  1. Bike Suspension

Shock absorbers have to be properly maintained since they will be worked heavily. You should have them checked regularly at a bike repair shop, especially if your kid loves riding on hills and mountain slopes.

  1. Maintenance

Maintenance could cost you a large sum if the bike’s spare parts are not readily available. Check if the brand you’re purchasing has spare parts available at your local bike repair stores. This will save you the hassle of ordering custom-made bike parts and spending a mini-fortune on repairs.


Before you get a bike with gears for your kids, be sure to check all the safety and practical considerations. Needless to say, safety equipment such as helmets, knee pads and elbow guards are important if your children are going to be riding their bikes on the mountain biking trails. Comfort and maintenance are also aspects that you should look into.


Image: Jessica Lewis/ Pexels


Author Bio: 

Zara is an enthusiastic professional writer. She works closely with businesses in developing their online content, such as her recent contribution to the Zike bike reviews site.