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6 Major Benefits of An Electric Bicycle [Guest Post]

6 Major Benefits of An Electric Bicycle

By Oliva Wilson

If you are concerned about global warming and want to help reduce carbon emissions, one of the things you should do is opt for more environmentally-friendly vehicles – such as electric bicycles. Instead of using automobiles that run on fossil fuels, biking to work with an E-bike is a greener option.

Electric bicycles offer many benefits, which we shall explore in this post!

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Advantages of An Electric Bicycle

Electric bicycles are equipped with rechargeable batteries. They allow you to travel at speeds of up to 25-45 km/hour (15-28 mph), and are a great emission-free transportation option.

  • Electric bicycles are battery-powered, so you need not put too much physical effort in pedaling. This can reduce the stress on your knees and thighs, and help you avoid muscle pain. Besides commuting, you can also use these bikes for leisure, and ride them on hills and inclines. E-bikes are usually versatile with most types of terrain.
  • Many major cities in the world now provide separate bicycle lanes and paths. You can avoid heavy traffic by using an electric bicycle, and riding on dedicated paths.
  • Recently, scientists at Switzerland’s University of Basel published a report on E-bikes and they have shown that electric bicycles can improve our fitness. Pedal-assist electric bicycles can reduce our weight and help us tackle obesity. It can also improve your mental and physical health. If you have little time to hit the gym, then buy an electric bicycle and ride it for an hour. Use your E-bike to run errands, and try to commute to work at least once in a week with your bicycle. It will keep you fit and reduce your fuel consumption.
  • Petrol and diesel may be expensive in some countries. Even when oil prices are low, your gas bills could still add up to a sizeable sum and affect your budget. Have you ever calculated the total amount that you have spent on fuel? In contrast, electric bicycles’ batteries could last for around 18-50 miles (29-80 km) after a full charge.
  • Battery-powered vehicles are the future of transportation. You can find some automobile brands that have launched battery-powered luxury cars. Getting an E-bike will help you in the transition to electric vehicles.
  • Electric bicycles can reduce air pollution in urban areas. However, this requires a significant proportion of the population to switch from using fossil fuel-based vehicles to E-bikes, electric cars and other green options.


Electric bicycles are usually available in various colours, designs, and power options. You can choose the best one according to your preferences. It is also possible to customize your E-bike with gears and accessories, according to your usage needs.

6 Major Benefits of An Electric Bicycle


Nowadays, electric bicycles are readily available and come in various models and configurations. They offer plenty of advantages to traditional bikes and petrol or diesel-powered automobiles, and should be an option for those who are conscious about the environment or cost. However, be sure to check the material, features and warranty of an electric bicycle before making a purchase.

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