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Why Get Into Gravel Biking? And What Events Are Worth Racing? [Guest Post]

By Tyler Tafelsky Top Gravel Biking Races In the cycling world, gravel biking has gained popularity among all types of cyclists. Designed to allow wider tires, , and other off-road features, gravel bikes have picked up traction among cyclists looking to get off paved roads but enjoy going fast. Unquestionably fun and virtually limitless for […]


Best Electric Bikes for Climbing Steep Hills [Guest Post]

By Trevor Fenner Electric bikes have been around for a while now, gaining popularity from all parts of the world. One of the most common usages of electric bikes is for commuting purposes, but we all know that there’s more to e-bikes than just being a basic mode of transportation. People nowadays prefer e-bikes to […]


What Goes Into Choosing the Perfect Bike? [Guest Post]

By Chloe from Pushys Cycling has been the subject of discussion for many years thanks to the unique opportunities it provides for easy transportation from point A to point B, positively affecting one’s health and well-being at that. All this without harming the environment, as opposed to other vehicles and means of transport like cars, […]


Ride in Style – Top 5 Jackets for Motorcyclists and Bikers [Guest Post]

By James Wilson When we think about motorcycle riding, we usually think about leather jackets and helmets right away. On the contrary, when we think about cycling, we do not always visualize the helmet, safety gear, and jackets. According to statistics, both cyclists and motorbike riders are vulnerable to getting into accidents on the road. […]


Mountain Bike Tire Pressure Guide [Guest Post]

By Adam Wilson Many bikers are always trying to find ways to enhance the performance of their bikes. From electronic shifters to lighter wheels, bikers tend to try them all. One aspect of bike performance that is sometimes overlooked is your tire pressure. Mountain bike tire pressure is about filling up your tires with just […]


Do I Need a Speed and Cadence Sensor?

Speed sensors and cadence sensors are two common gadgets used to keep track of performance. However, have you ever wondered what their differences are? Should you get a speed sensor, or would a cadence sensor suit your needs better? Do I Need a Speed and Cadence Sensor? As suggested by their name, speed sensors or […]


How Often Should A Bicycle be Serviced?

If you have not experienced any kind of malfunctioning in your bike as a cyclist, it is because you are not cycling enough! From a strange creaking sound to a snapped chain, we have all gone through red flags that told us our rides were shouting out for assistance. The cure? Servicing! Whether you do […]


Bike Shorts vs. Leggings vs. Tights

Bike Shorts vs. Leggings vs. Tights Choosing an outfit for a party, a job meeting, a family reunion, or a nightclub is not an easy task. This decision may become even more complex if you have to do exercise during the day. For years, and possibly for years to come, the debate between bike shorts, […]


How to Make a Motorcycle Helmet Quieter [Guest Post]

Ways to Make a Motorcycle Helmet Quieter- Introduction By Johnson Charles It is very annoying to ride a motorcycle for a long time with so much noise constantly coming into your helmet. So, what are the best ways to make a motorcycle helmet quieter? Just like how mountain bikers would sometimes encounter wind noise, motorbike […]

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