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8 Effects Of Cycling On Body Shape and Overall Health

Effects Of Cycling On Body Shape and Overall Health

Introduction- 8 Effects Of Cycling On Body Shape and Overall Health

Guest Contribution by Tabish, RoadsRide

Many people, when they first start cycling, are not aware of the effects of cycling on body shape. It turns out that cycling not only increases our stamina, but also provides many other health benefits.

Here are the top positive effects of cycling on your body shape and overall health!

Effects of Cycling on Body Shape and Health

If you add cycling to your daily routine, you will see such effects over time.

#1. Cycling can develop your lower body muscles

Cycling plays a huge role when it comes to strengthening our bodies. Although it helps build muscles in general, its effect is especially pronounced when you look at the lower body muscles.

Doctors and fitness experts recommend riding a bicycle for at least half an hour at a time to see significant results. Cycling will help you keep fit and strengthen your glutes, hamstrings, and hips.

#2. Calorie and Fat Burn

Many people are troubled by excess body fats, to the point that some resort to calorie counting. If you are overweight and wish to reduce your belly fat, you could try cycling for at least an hour daily, at a regular pace.

Each hour of cycling can help burn up to 400 calories, and provided that you do not overeat, you should see a visible difference within a few months. If you are strapped for time, you could adopt cycling in your life, such as commuting to work on a bike, or cycling to run errands around the city.

#3. It boosts mental health

Incorporating cycling into your daily routine not only improves the health of your body but also enhances your mental health and brain power.

Since all forms of exercise are known to release endorphins and dopamine, as well as increase oxygen supply to the brain, cycling will help manage conditions such as  depression, stress, and anxiety.

Effects Of Cycling On Body Shape and Overall Health

#4. It keeps your heart healthy

Many people cycle in their everyday lives to keep their hearts and body fit. According to the British Medical Association, cycling at least 20 miles (32 km) a week helps cut the risk of coronary heart disease by half.

#5. Better sleep and rest

If you experience insomnia or sometimes face difficulties in falling asleep, you should start riding a bicycle today. Cycling tends to promote better sleep due to its effect in calming anxiety.

If you have not exercised in a long time, riding a bicycle may seem tiring, but this requires some time to get used to it. After working your muscles in a cycling session, you should be able to get a deeper sleep and feel more well-rested.

#6. It keeps the immune system young

Studies have shown that cycling helps keep your immune system young. T-cells, which are part of your immune system, are made in the thymus organ. This organ typically shrinks in adulthood; however, thymuses of older cyclists have been shown to produce the same amount of T-cells as in younger individuals.

#7. Managing or reducing the risk of diabetes

Cycling can be a great way to manage diabetes. By having less anxiety and stress, there could be better control over blood sugar levels. In addition, cycling is considered low-impact, and is unlikely to over-stretch the joints.

One reason that people develop Type 2 diabetes is the modern lifestyle, where there is generally a lack of physical activity. If you start cycling even 30 minutes a day, you could reduce your risk of conditions such as diabetes.

#8. Increased energy levels

One of the best ways to increase your muscle mass and stamina is to regularly incorporate cycling into your life. If you cycle for half an hour daily, you will notice an increase in energy levels over time. Tasks such as climbing the stairs may not seem as daunting as they once were.

Moreover, having more energy could also help you focus on work or study, and overcome lethargy during the day.


FAQs on the Effects of cycling on the body

What kind of body does cycling give you?

Cycling not only changes the shape of your body but also increases your stamina. For people who regularly cycle, the legs become lean and more shapely, because their leg muscles become more developed.

What happens if you cycle regularly?

Cycling not only reduces your belly fat, it also strengthens your muscles and increases stamina.

How long does it take to see results from cycling?

For most people, cycling regularly for two weeks is the minimum before seeing visible results. While it takes time to see your body change, you may experience an increase in fitness and strength within that time.


Conclusion: Effects of Cycling on Body Shape

Suppose you want to stay fit, lose weight, and tone the body, then cycling is definitely a viable option. Cycling regularly may result in you having a lean, toned, athletic physique. If you have not cycled for a while, why not try getting on a bike again!

Images: Unsplash/ Coen van de Broek and Markus Spiske

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