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How To Choose A Torch Light for Your Home

How To Choose A Torch Light for Your Home

Introduction- How To Choose A Torch Light for Your Home

Guest Contribution by Victor Nicholson

Torch lights have become one of the most valuable tools to have at home. It is true that nowadays, most places receive a stable electricity supply. Having a torchlight may not sound as necessary as it used to. However, they may save you in case of emergency, such as a total blackout or when trying to fix something that is not adequately lit.

There is a significant misconception about choosing the best torch light for your home. Some people tend to think that the cheaper, the better. But that cannot be further from reality, as having a low-cost torchlight may become a problem when one is needed.

Materials, light quality, and battery life are just some of the elements to consider. A reliable torchlight should tick off these requirements so that it would help you out. Otherwise, you could literally be left in the dark!

Why You Should Get A Torch Light for Your Home

How To Choose A Torch Light for Your Home

Torch lights can save you from emergencies you can go through at your own house. Power cuts are just an example of these situations.

Those who love Do-It-Yourself (DIY) work would also need a good quality torchlight. If you tend to work things out yourself at home instead of calling someone to handle them, having a torchlight is necessary. Like under the sink, the cellar, or the basement, most places are not adequately lit for you to work with your tools. In addition, this type of activity requires light on a focused spot.

While candles and lighters may do the trick for a brief time, torch lights are the most reliable tool when facing inevitable darkness. On the flip side, any fire-produced lighting, such as candles or lighters, may be dangerous or harmful if you work with flammable or toxic materials. These include cables, aerosol cans, and plastics.

Last but not least, one of the main advantages of having a torch light at home is that you can direct your light wherever you want. Candles offer a limited reach, and you need to be very close to the object you want to see to identify or work with it.

Most Important Elements in A Torch Light

There are infinite variants to what you can get from a torchlight. Of course, you do not want to get something too much for house use because it may be out of your budget. However, when it comes to choosing the best torch light for your home, you should consider the following elements:

  • Light output refers to the intensity of the light. You can find this information on the torchlight or its case. It is crucial to understand that this number reflects the intensity with full battery life. Some torch lights may have different numbers. This means you can vary the output. Light output is expressed in lumens and may range from 20 to 3500.
  • Beam distance is also a key factor to consider when choosing a torchlight for your home. This specification expresses the meters of reach. The importance of beam distance may differ from home to another, as people know how big their household is. However, don’t forget to include your park dimensions when choosing a torch light since you might need it outdoors.
  • Resistance to water may also be something important to consider. Some households are more prone to flooding, and having a torchlight that may malfunction after getting soaked is no good. As a plus, if you plan to use it outdoors, think of the possibility of having a power cut due to a heavy storm and going outside to check the fusebox.
  • Nowadays, most torch lights have LED technology, making other bulb types almost obsolete. They tend to last longer and outperform any of the traditional bulb types. However, this does not mean that LED lights are the only available option, and you should be careful with this when choosing a torchlight.
  • Finally, one last element you should consider when choosing your torch light is the battery type. There are different batteries, such as disposable, rechargeable, and renewable. Disposable batteries are the most common ones, which need changing when they die. Rechargeable batteries may either come with a charging station or be built into the torchlight. Built-in rechargeable batteries would be recharged by connecting the device to a power source. Lastly, renewable batteries often come with a crank or lever for you to activate and charge batteries without electricity.

How To Choose A Torch Light to Suit Your Needs

Having reviewed the most important elements you can find in a torch light, it is now time to evaluate your budget and make a call. Think of how big your household is and the intended use. In this way, you’ll be able to reduce costs by giving less relevance to the elements that are not necessary for your household. However, it would help if you always considered that contingencies happen, and you may need your torch light for something unexpected.

Getting a new torch light might be an exciting activity. Fortunately, there are many options for torch lights that may suit your needs and goals. Remember that a cheap torch light may result in a future problem while in the dark. However, if you’re looking to reduce costs, you may want to go for rechargeable or renewable batteries. On the downside, you must never forget to charge them!

Images: Unsplash/ William Carlson and Marina Grynykha

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Victor Nicholson is an outdoor enthusiast, camper, fisherman, and hunter. With 20 years of experience exploring great Australian landscapes and nature, he has honed his ability in evaluating and recommending the right equipment for various outdoor activities.