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How Do You Choose Road Cycling Shoes?

How Do You Choose Road Cycling Shoes?

Introduction- How Do You Choose Road Cycling Shoes?

If you are a regular cyclist, adding a pair of cycling shoes to your sports gear is a great investment. Unlike regular sneakers, cycling shoes provide balance, comfort, and ease of use. The amount of effort exerted in pedaling while wearing cycling shoes is reduced by a great margin.

Careful thought should be put into making this purchase. You don’t want to buy a pair that doesn’t serve its purpose or isn’t any different from your regular shoes. You should know there are different types of cycling shoes: indoor, road, and mountain. In addition, depending on your riding style, you may want to go for a pair of clipless shoes (with cleats) or flat shoes.

When choosing a pair, check the adjusting slots, the width, and the sole. Most shoes have a single hole and are not adjustable. Depending on use, this might be problematic because the cleats need to be more than the slots available.

Next, check the shoe’s width and the comfort of the fit. Your shoe should have enough space for your feet to wiggle and not feel “suffocated”. You need your feet to be comfortable within the shoes to prevent any discomfort when riding.

The last check is to ensure the sole is stiff. Road cycling shoes are supposed to be stiff, and this is a major feature that differentiates them from a normal sneaker.

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What are road cycling shoes?

Road cycling shoes are footwear built for the sole purpose of cycling. These shoes are not designed for walking or casual wear. In fact, walking with them may be uncomfortable because of their stiff soles, sounding much like tap shoes when you walk.

If you want a pair of road cycling shoes, always check the soles, and the alignment between the shoe and pedal of your bike. Are the shoes comfortable? Do they transfer sufficient power to the pedal? If you do not ride often or are an amateur rider, road cycling shoes are less important, but they do make a difference in ride efficiency.

Are cycling shoes really necessary?

Though you can still ride without them, cycling shoes offer the following benefits:

  • Alignment:With non-cycling shoes, you have to make a conscious effort to ensure that your feet do not slide off the pedal. Cycling shoes fit into the pedal, and there is an alignment between your feet and the pedal. This can also help avoid injuries around the ankle or knees.
  • Balance:The stiff bottoms of cycling shoes allow you to infuse strength into your pedal stroke. You use your leg muscles more since the shoes clip directly into the pedal. This sync allows all your muscles and not just your quadriceps to bear the brunt of your cycling effort. This way, you are less prone to fatigue, and your strokes are far more efficient.
  • Breathing space:Many manufacturers who produce cycling shoes produce them using breathable materials. These materials use air vents that circulate air to your feet and prevent sweating, so your pedaling experience is more comfortable. Shoes should be firm and tight but still allow space for your feet to breathe.
  • Comfort:Your shoes should not prevent you from having an enjoyable ride. The materials used in production are intended to be comfortable. Most manufacturers are very careful in choosing material for their shoe design. Always check to ensure your choices are well-made.
  • Power: With cycling shoes, you will be able to balance the amount of power you exert while pedaling. You do not have to expend as much energy as when you’re wearing regular sneakers. Since the shoes fit snugly into the pedal, pedaling becomes easier.



In conclusion, if you do road cycling frequently, it may be a good idea to get a pair of cycling shoes that fits your pedals, riding style, and performance goals.


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