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How to Lock A Bike In A Garage

How to Lock A Bike In A Garage

It is worth recalling that while street theft gets all the attention, more than 40% of stolen bikes are pilfered from the owner’s home. This means that it is usually stolen from the front or rear garden, from a garage or a shed on the property, or inside the house or apartment.

What can you do to prevent it? Well, although home bike safety is generally more complicated than road bike safety, there is still a lot you can do to protect your bikes.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the ways you can use to lock your bike in a garage.

How to lock a bike in the garage

Garages are an excellent option for adequately locking your bike. As a bicycle shelter, they will keep your bicycle safe from the elements and out of sight. However, garage theft rates are rising as they are now known to be a popular place to store valuables.

Not only do you need to keep your garage safe with your doors and windows closed, but it is necessary that you properly lock your bike when it is stored indoors.

Consider using a ground bike lock anchor

One way to achieve this is to consider a ground anchor. A ground anchor is a piece of equipment that is usually attached to the floor or wall. They are used to anchor the bicycle and prevent it from moving when it is locked. It is important to evaluate and analyze some of the best anchors before spending your money on one.

Ground anchors are not specifically designed for bicycles. Still, they are also much more secure than just leaving the bike in the garage, and it will ultimately provide a higher level of protection for your bicycle.

This video shows how to install a ground anchor in your garage (Credit to MCN):

If you don’t have a ground anchor, you can secure your bike to an object in the garage that can’t be easily moved or removed.

Choose the right bike rack

The ideal bike rack or wall rack will depend on the storage space you choose. If you have a garage, you can choose from a wide variety of roof racks or shelving, including elaborate options such as bike racks, bike hooks, ceiling, or pulleys. However, if the bike rack is very compact and you don’t want to prop it up against the wall, you will probably need more straightforward solutions. You can consider:

  • Screw two wood screws to the wall at a distance corresponding to the bicycle frame’s size. Hanging up the bike frame with nails will save space and make your garage look decent.
  • Get a stand or hook to hang your bike vertically.
  • Choose a wall mount bike rack to accommodate up to two bikes.

Be sure to consider the free space needed for cycling (e.g., handlebars and pedals) or opening the doors.

Professional tip: Avoid storing your bicycle on exposed concrete for long periods, as this can remove moisture from the rubber and cause the tires to age prematurely. If your garage or basement has a concrete floor and the bike is upright, place a mat under the wheels.

Bottom line- How to secure your bike in the garage

The general rule is that the more components you protect, the better. If you protect as many components and accessories as possible on your bike, thieves will be heading towards a less secure target.

Make sure to use a high-quality padlock to lock your bike; otherwise, it will be attacked by thieves and risk being stolen.  Lastly, use a ground lock in your garage if you don’t have enough space to hang it.


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