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Luggage Carrying Made Easy – Top 5 Backpacks for Bike Riders [Guest Post]

Luggage Carrying Made Easy - Top 5 Backpacks for Bike Riders

By James Wilson/ Viking Bags

The world is moving towards eco-friendly products. Riding a bike is not only a good way to become fit and healthy, but you will also be able to save money on gas and car maintenance.

Some people like to work out in the morning, and yet they do not have time. Hence the solution of commuting to work on a bicycle – it is a productive way of exercising while going to work! Riding a bike can not only clear your head, but also releases hormones that keeps the body and brain active throughout the day.

Best backpacks for cycling to work


Challenges Related to Riding A Bike to the Office

Some people are hesitant towards cycling to work, simply because they need substantial luggage capacity.

Since it’s almost impossible (and dangerous) to carry stuff while cycling, many bikers install saddlebags. This poses another challenge of you having to keep your balance at all times. If the weights in both saddlebags are uneven, it would also be very uncomfortable for you to ride your bike.

Another challenge exists in the form of fragile items. If you are required to carry laptops or other expensive equipment, you could be forgiven for not wanting to bike to work. In addition, we sometimes carry important documents with sensitive data, which should not be exposed at any time.

If you have encountered these issues and still wish to bike to work, the best solution we could think of is getting a backpack.

Why is a Good Backpack the Only Solution?

Backpacks are a popular option among hikers, bikers and travelers. However, not everyone likes using it. For some commuters, saddlebags, side bags and street bags are their preferred choice.

One important factor to consider is the type of luggage that you need to carry. Saddlebags are close to the road, which means one splash of water may be enough to destroy documents. Meanwhile, street bags tend to be too small to fit items such as laptops, and lack proper protection from shocks.

Besides storage capacity, one common feature of many backpacks is they offer cushion on the sides. This protective covering is essential if you carry gadgets and documents.

Best backpacks for cycling to work


A Checklist to Help You Find a Good Backpack

We have listed here a few basic features that all good backpacks should have.

Keep in mind that not everyone would go for all these features, and some might be more important to you than others.


You need something spacious so that you could fit all your personal items. Some backpacks come with inner pockets or more than one main compartment.

Before buying one, we would recommend you understand your needs first. You should think about whether you need to keep all equipment separate, or if you require a big main section.

Bottle Pocket

A bottle pocket will help you avoid any liquid spillage accidents, since your water bottle would not be in the main compartment.

Furthermore, this keeps the water bottle within your reach, so you would not have to waste too much time stopping for a drink.

Adjustable Strap

An adjustable strap will help you tighten or loosen the fit. Too many bikers have complained that their bag is really tight, but all it takes is some adjustments to get it right.

Chest Strap

A chest strap or sternum strap is one of the most important features. This helps in the division of weight, which means that the weight of your luggage will not be completely on your shoulders, but also on the rest of your body.

Water and Dust Proofing

If you get something that is made of pure fabric, the bag will soak up all water. Hence, a good backpack should be waterproof and even dust proof.


Look out for five to six zip pockets. This might seem too much, but once you start to fit your things, this will help you keep them separated.

If you have just one big pocket, it may take a long time to find smaller items.

Inner padded sleeve

For the office backpack, the inner sleeve for the laptop is very important. If you get something that is padded, it will provide enough cushion for you so that you can avoid any damage.

Best Cycling Backpacks for Bikers

If you are trying to find a good backpack with all these features, fret not as we have compiled a few backpacks that have been designed especially for riders!

Velocity Large Black Expandable Backpack

Number one on our list is the Velocity Large Black Expandable Backpack. This backpack is made of polyester and fiberglass. The bag is weather-resistant and comes with adjustable straps.

Best backpacks for cycling to workApart from this, you will be able to carry your laptop, as the backpack has a padded laptop sleeve as well. The outer covering has been designed to be aerodynamic; this helps in resisting air friction.

The backpack comes with a quick-release chest strap to help you evenly distribute the weight. The overall capacity of the backpack is 1490 cubic inches that are enough to accommodate everything that you might need for the day.

With the removable hip strap, chest strap, and shoulder strap, you can adjust your backpack just according to your personal needs.

Dirtman Medium Black Backpack

Best backpack for bike commuting

If you are an adventure enthusiast, nothing gets better than the Dirtman Medium Black Backpack. This backpack is weather-resistant and has a capacity of 854 cubic inches that is sufficient for most situations.

This backpack also comes with a reservoir pouch so you can store your things according to your convenience. This exceptional bag has been made with high-grade ballistic nylon that makes it weather and waterproof.

With the help of a Molle strap, you can easily wear the bag and keep it on while you ride the bike. To help you distribute your equipment easily, this bag comes with an internal pocket as well. The plastic nylon fiber has been further accentuated with a leather accent to give the bag a modern look. This bag is ideal for someone who wants to take the bike off-roading.

Commuter Medium Sissy Bar Backpack

Cycling commuter backpack waterproof

If you are looking for a stylish, small yet decent bag, consider getting this Commuter Medium Sissy Bar Backpack.

The product has been designed with Cordura fabric that is strong and stylish. You can lock your backpack or keep it open. One of the best things is that your bag’s zipper will open almost halfway, so you can stuff anything in it. The storage capacity is 732 cubic inches, which makes it ideal for daily use.

The outer covering is weather-resistant as well as water-resistant. It comes with adjustable straps, so you can simply slip it on wherever you go. The bag comes with two external mesh bottle pockets that are stretchable and provide a good enough grip for the water bottles.

This bag also has a separate phone pocket, wallet compartment, and laptop sleeve, and headphone port. Apart from this, the mounting straps and backpack straps make it easy for you to hang and store the bag anywhere you want.

Large Black Street Sports Bike Backpack

Cycling commuter backpack waterproof

If you want to carry a lot of weight and still do not want to get tired on the way, this backpack is suitable for you. Designed with Cordura fabric that is heavy-duty, this is one tough bag. Apart from this, you can easily lock it and adjust the straps.

The backpack comes with a storage capacity of around 1,156.3 cubic inches. The backpack has been lined with reflective piping so that it helps in enhancing visibility. It is also aerodynamic, and contains a separate compartment for your laptop.

For the small knick-knacks like wallet, keys, and eyewear, there is a separate pocket organizer as well. The straps are easily adjustable and come with an additional chest strap for weight division.


AXE Medium Bike Backpack

Cycling commuter backpack waterproof

Another backpack on our list is a heavy-duty backpack that has enough space to accommodate everything that you have.

There is a separate compartment for small personal objects and gadgets. It comes with an adjustable sternum strap along with padded shoulder straps, so that you can easily carry it around.

For the lid opening, the zip can open up to 12×8 inches. The designers at the brand have styled this bag according to aerodynamic principles so that you can carry it while riding your bike.

With stylish design, heavy-duty construction, and adjustable straps, this backpack is the dream of every bike rider.



Backpacks are a great and convenient way of carrying large items while riding your bike. If you prefer not to deal with the weight balancing issues of saddle bags, or need extra protection for important gadgets, there are many backpacks that you could consider getting!

Featured image: Unsplash/ Andrew Neel. Post images by Unsplash and Viking Bags.


 Author Bio

James Wilson is a fitness enthusiast and marketing executive at Born Tough and Viking Bags. Knowing how being overweight affects a person’s life and personality, he has spent years working on fitness and body transformation, including metabolic training and HIIT. He hopes to share all his experience and knowledge with those who are keen to learn.