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Cruiser Bikes vs Mountain Bikes: Which One Should I Pick? [Guest Post]

Cruiser Bikes vs Mountain Bikes

By Alix Romi

Cruiser bikes and mountain bikes have a few similarities; however, their differences are more significant. Concerning cost, comfort, performance, and make, they are very different from one another. As for their similarities, they both have wheels and huge frames.

Cruiser bikes are very conventional and virtually straight to the point in terms of usage, compared to other bikes. Cruiser bikes are designed with the setting; all these comfort-oriented bikes require very little maintenance, which makes them ideal for beginners and riders.

Cruiser bike frames are usually constructed using durable materials like alloys of steel, or aluminum. These are built to last for years of consistent usage. The handlebars allow for an upright seating position since relaxation is the main priority with this bike.

Extra-wide balloon tires and a slightly larger seat, that’s typically equipped with springs, will help keep the ride smooth. They help cushion the lumps of rough pavement. Even though a cruiser bike is suitable for riding on various terrain,  one could feel constrained by the bike when trying to scale hills, because of the usual single-speed drive train and framework.

For mountain bikes, the angle of the seat and handlebar varies by bike model. This also sets the rider at a more angular position. This position is excellent for speed and control also uses a top-bottom bracket clearance to help the rider get through a challenging landscape.

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Concerning ease of usage, a mountain bike is much more complicated than the usual cruiser bike chiefly because of the diverse assortment of gears.

The mountain bike’s frame may be created from materials like steel and aluminum to titanium and carbon fiber, and this is the factor that mainly affects the price tag on the bike.

Because of its durable rims and wide tires, off-road areas such as nature trails and parks are much easier to navigate. Mountain bikes will get quite sophisticated because of their features, and also specific features might make them pricier.

The characteristics of the bike also call for more frequent maintenance, thus potentially increasing the expenses of owning one.

The cruiser and the mountain bike can both absorb bumps from roads and paths, making the riding experience comfortable and enjoyable.


Cruiser Bike vs. Mountain Bike

The features of mountain bikes might make it a much better choice for most conditions.

But choosing a bike will mostly depend on your needs along with your purpose of buying one. For most cyclists, the cruiser bike’s no-fuss faculties make it a much higher choice financially if it fits your needs.

These two bikes differ from one another, but one can be a far better choice, depending upon your preferences as a rider.

Recognizing that the workings of each bike help in narrowing the ideal bike. Check out the list of factors that can help you choose which bike is right for you: 


Cruiser bikes are average people’s bikes made for sidewalks and inner city roads, which are designed to be shared with other road users such as pedestrians. While mountain bikes can easily navigate city roads too, they are capable of handling far rougher terrain.

The suspension and gears of mountain bikes are more durable, and they will have unique features that make them a lot more costly than cruisers.

Typically, a mountain bike may cost up to $3,000.

Cruiser bikes are usually found at a more budget-friendly range of $500 and below. You can read this detailed guide for getting the right one.

 Sitting Posture

When riding cruiser bikes, you would have an upright sitting posture, similar to your position when seated at a chair. This type of angle is great for rides and watching the scenery, whereas it is inefficient and uncomfortable for traveling long distances.

Mountain bikes allow the rider to lean forward, giving the rider more power, superior handling, and the ability to climb steep slopes more efficiently.

This posture also keeps you in good balance while riding the bike.

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Cruisers are usually built with one gear, while mountain bikes tend to have multiple speeds with many gearing ratios. This gives mountain bikes an advantage in speed and power.

Mountain bikes have shock absorbers on the front, and sometimes even at the rear. This gives you stability and comfort when riding along off-road trails or rocky terrain.


Both bikes can be attractive, and how good a bike looks could be subjective.

Cruisers tend to have an elegant and classy appeal with beautiful paint jobs, and many come with artistic prints or decals.

Mountain bikes, however, may be more rugged in appearance. Stocky and built with large and mean-looking tires, they often sport racing logos on the frame.


In conclusion, a good quality mountain bike will always handle better than a beach cruiser. Mountain bikes are designed for handling obstacles and more challenging terrain, whether on a technical single-track or by the beach.

Having said that, cruiser bikes may be your preferred option if you are on a budget, and you do not intend to ride it on rugged terrain.

Both bikes have their own pros and cons and people love to ride these two bikes according to their needs. Hopefully, this article has helped you learn the difference between mountain bikes and cruiser bikes, and you would know exactly which bike to go for!

Featured Image: Pixabay / InstagramFOTOGRAFIN

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