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How to Remove Metal Zip Ties

How to remove metal zip ties

Metal zip ties, also known as metal cable ties, are metal tags used to hold things together or attach to a cylindrical surface. Due to their accessibility and low cost, they can be used for a variety of purposes.

Metal zip ties offer bikers, from mountain bikers to road racers, a quick fix when a bike breaks down. The zip ties will keep you riding until you get home or to a repair shop. This article will show you all about the uses of metal zip ties and alternatives which you may have never considered!

What are Metal Zip Ties Used For in Bikes

Fixing a Punctured Tire

If the inner tube of your tire popped halfway, you can use two cable ties to seal off the punctured area so you can continue your ride. Even when the whole tire fails, you can wrap cable ties around the wheel’s circumference to protect your wheel while riding.

Repair a Broken Saddle

You will need a saddle to enjoy a comfortable ride. However, if your saddle comes loose during a ride, you can use cable ties to fasten it.

Even if the entire saddle falls, you can just replace the saddle with a piece of a downed branch and fasten it in place with cable ties.

Refastening Brakes

If your brake snaps off during a ride, you can use several cable ties to reattach it and keep it fastened until you get home. However, you will need to ride carefully in this situation.

Some of the other uses of metal zip ties include:

How to Cut Metal Zip Ties

Here is a video (courtesy of Adept Ape) showing the best way to cut metal zip ties:

Some of the tools that you can use for cutting metal zip ties include:

Alternative to Zip Ties (Safety Wire)

Although zip ties are not bad, you can get tired of seeing them on every bike corner. Another alternative to zip ties that you can use on your bike is aircraft safety wire. Safety wires are usually used for keeping bolts and parts from falling off.

Safety wire is very pliable, and it is very easy to use and affordable.

Installing Safety Wire

Some things you will need when installing safety wire are:


Cut safety wires are usually sharp, and you should try to treat the wire’s cut ends like it is a needle or knife. You should also ensure that you work in a place where you can easily find and dispose of the cast-off wires to avoid accidents.