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Road Bike to Hybrid Conversion

Road Bike to Hybrid Conversion

Introduction- Road Bike to Hybrid Conversion

Hybrid bikes are bikes used every day for a wide range of activities.

Hybrid bikes are a suitable bike for you if you want to ride on paved roads, bike paths, city and landscaped paths, and so on. This is why hybrid bikes are generally more comfortable than road bikes and can be used for your normal commute to work, racing, and even sports activities.

In this article, you will learn how you can convert a road bike to a hybrid bike.

Here is a video showing what a hybrid bike entails (credit to Tredz Bikes):

Why Choose a Hybrid Bike?

Hybrids have multiple purposes, and it is a great bike that you can ride with your family, get in shape, and even go to work. Because of its numerous functions, you can easily add a wide range of accessories to it such as luggage rack, fenders, kickstand, and so on.

Categories of Hybrid Bikes

Some of the categories of hybrid bikes are listed below.

Upgrades to Effectively Convert Your Road Bike to Hybrid

Change Out Your Tires

​One of the first things that you can think about if you want to convert a road bike to hybrid is the tire.

Traditional road bike tires are usually fast, but you can only use it on paved roads as they do not handle well on other types of roads. They are also prone to getting flat easily.

Instead, you can look for thicker hybrid tires that can be used on different terrains and can resist punctures.

Change the Position and Style of the Handlebar

Changing your handlebars’ position and style will help you enjoy a more upright seating position that is excellent for commuting. You can use a riser stem that will bring your handlebars a few inches up and will allow you to lean back a little bit and so you can enjoy a great riding comfort.

With an upright seating position, you will also be able to see the things ahead of you. The conversion of flat handlebars will also make it easier for you to control your bike.

Swapping Your Seat

The road bike seat is usually a narrow shape with firm padding that is suitable for aggressive riding. This seat is not usually comfortable for casual riding. You could consider changing the seat to a more comfortable saddle with a wider base and greater padding.

You may also need to get a new seat post if  your existing seat post is unable to reach the desired height.

Add a Bell to Your Handlebar and Lights at the Front and Rear

If you are planning to ride early in the morning or after sunset, it is best to add bright rear and front lights to your bike so that drivers can easily see you. You should invest in a water-resistant lamp with an extremely bright output and long battery lifespan.

You will need a bell on your handlebars that can easily be reached by your hand if you are going to ride in a busy city. The use of the bell is for signaling commuters and other road users to keep everybody safe.

Some other accessories that you can add are panniers, pedals, and brake pads. You could also consider getting new suspension forks if you expect to bike often on rugged trails.

Ford Molly - October 15, 2020

Then the mountain bike came along and reminded people that a bike with powerful brakes and an upright riding position was fun to ride, and very practical on potholed city streets. A mountain bike’s fat tyres and sturdy build is overkill for most UK riding, though. A bike soon emerged with the flat handlebar and friendly controls of a mountain bike, but the lighter frame and larger, quicker wheels of a road bike: the hybrid bike.

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